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Places To Visit: Amongst Few Café Review

Urban fashion brand Amongst Few is behind the Amongst Few Café, a cool, contemporary eatery and coffee house situated on the 1st floor in Palm Strip Mall, Jumeirah 1.
Opening hours are from 8am-11pm daily.

As you enter the café, you are welcomed by the urban, open atmosphere from the industrial interior mixed with dabs of lush green plants. There is a warm, friendly vibe as you walk in and you get a welcoming smile from all the staff. If you’re like me and love people watching, you can’t help but notice the cool, modern, hipster vibe in the room. Other guests are sporting pink and green hair, loose yoga pants, Birkenstocks and guys with open collar shirts. Being a Copenhagen girl growing up amongst the fast-paced, avant-garde people in the Danish capital, I feel right at home.

The menu has a great variety of both meats, fish, vegetarian and vegan options. They serve breakfast until 3 pm and lunch/dinner starts at 12 pm.

I went for a late breakfast on a Saturday afternoon and ordered an amazingly well-prepared “Avo & Eggs On Sourdough” (58 AED). My eggs were softly poached to perfection, the bite and texture of the bread were just right and the creamy mashed avocado combined with fresh, crispy baby asparagus sticks made for one of the best avocado & eggs on toast I’ve had in Dubai….and I’ve tried many.

I also ordered the “Vegan Flax Seed Pancakes” (49 AED) with vegan passion fruit yogurt and kiwi. I was delighted to see the menu highlighting the vegetarian and vegan options, making it easy for plant-based eaters to order without any fuss. The pancakes were absolutely delicious. Sweet, fluffy and moist. The slightly sour passion fruit yogurt gave a perfect contrast to the sweetness. The small avocado pieces were an acquired taste, you either love them or you don’t. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the vegan pancakes and I would definitely order them again.

At the end of the meal I had a detoxifying ginger shot (11 AED) and finished with a cappuccino (21 AED) made with unsweetened almond milk. Both were absolutely delightful. Again, I was impressed by how well Amongst Few Café accommodate plant-based or lactose intolerant guests, offering a wide variety of plant-based milk options for your coffee.

The dishes were all made with fresh, simple and delicious ingredients. The prices are reasonable and a visit is definitely worth the money!

Overall, I had a very pleasant breakfast experience and I think I’ve found my new favorite weekend breakfast spot.

Find Amongst Few Café:

Palm Strip Mall, Jumeirah 1, Dubai

Sun-Sat : 8am-11pm


+971 4 330 8965

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