REVERSE PLANK EXERCISE⎮ Inverted Plank Exercise Variation Tutorial ⎮ PLANKMAS DAY 10

THE SEAL PLANK EXERCISE⎮ Plank Exercise Variation Tutorial ⎮ PLANKMAS DAY 11


On my YouTube channel, PLANKMAS means I’m sharing a video with a new plank variation every single day throughout the holiday month. I want you to find inspiration and get creative with your planks!

Today’s video features THE SEAL PLANK, an advanced plank variation that I learned from Ms. Bikini Olympia Natalia Melo herself! And I’ve been a fan of the exercise ever since! It’s fun, challenging and I always get a deep soreness in my lower abs from doing this plank variation.

It IS a very challenging plank variation that requires a lot of upper-body strength along with core strength. Don’t be tempted to turn your hands to the sides, keep good form with active shoulders in a good position. Keep a posterior pelvic tilt, flex your ankles and start walking your hands forward, making your feet slide across the floor.


The main Plankmas Challenge is on my Instagram and I hope you’ll go check it out. It’s going to be a lot of fun! We’re doing planks every day and adding +15 seconds of plank time every single day for 24 days! Today is day 11 and we’re on 2 minutes and 45 seconds of planks. But don’t worry, if that’s too long for you to hold a plank, you can divide that into as many sets as you want. Everyone can do Plankmas and everyone is welcome, no matter your starting fitness level!

On my YouTube, Plankmas means that I’m uploading 24 plank variation tutorials (!), one for every day until Christmas. You can find the full PLANKMAS 2019 playlist here. I’m adding a new video to the playlist every day!

In this eleventh video in the series, I’m doing a plank exercise tutorial. My goal is to show you how to do The Seal Plank correctly, so we can safely do 24 days of planks without getting any injuries! Over the next 13 days, I’ll keep giving you daily uploads of some of my favorite plank variations and side plank variations so you can mix it up and have fun with the challenge! For demonstrations of some of the most common mistakes, make sure to check out my elbow plank tutorial so you know what mistakes to avoid! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below :)

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