HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR DEEP CORE MUSCLES ⎮ Transverse Abdominis Exercises For Smaller Waist ⎮ Ep. 1


Hi guys! Today I posted Episode 2 of how to strengthen your deep core muscles on my YouTube. Yay!

How To Strengthen Your Deep Core Muscles Episode 2 is a video in which I briefly explain the anatomy of the four core muscles to give you an idea of what’s going on. Then I dive right into three effective deep core exercises to activate your transverse abdominis. Since this is Episode 2, I’ve selected three exercises deep core exercises that are progressively more difficult than the three exercises in Episode 1.

What’s wrong with crunches?

This is a no-crunch ab workout to strengthen your deep core. “What’s wrong with crunches?” you may ask.

Well, while crunches CAN be great (I have nothing against crunches!) if you have a weak deep core and pelvic floor, or diastasis recti, doing crunches isn’t recommended.

First of all, it might not help you strengthen your deep core as you first need to re-establish contact with the transverse abdominis.

Second, doing an excessive amount of crunches might put you at risk of developing further issues such as uterus or bladder prolapse or even a hernia. All of these issues are typically seen in women following childbirth, but it can happen to both men and women of all ages if we ignore strengthening our deep core.

I wasn’t able to jump rope or jump on trampolines in my early 20’s because my pelvic floor and deep core muscles were very weak. Despite living a normal lifestyle and never having had a child. I remember being SO ashamed of it (and annoyed whenever there were jump rope on the program at Crossfit Copenhagen) and I wish I’d known how normal it is and that there was such a simple solution to my problem.

Thankfully, a strong deep core and pelvic floor can help you avoid all these problems and that’s why I made this video series. I want to help you reconnect with your corset muscles and strengthen your deep core & pelvic floor, no matter what your current fitness level is!

The three exercises I’m showing in this video are low impact and will in most cases be appropriate for both pre/postnatal and people with back or hip pain. As always, if you feel any discomfort while attempting to do the exercises, just revert to the lighter exercises in How To Strengthen Your Deep Core Muscles Episode 1, until you’re ready!

If you read last weeks’ blog or watched the video on how to strengthen your deep core muscles, what did you think about it? I’m really curious to hear if you found it useful or if there’s something you’re still curious about. Let me know what you think via email on in the comments!

Find Episode 1 right here. If you’re interested in learning more I also did a blog about deep core exercises to reduce diastasis recti which you can find right here.


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