Don’t Let It Stop You | When Life Gets In The Way Of Results

The list of issues I have dealt with or that I am still overcoming is long, and contains “fun” challenges such as childhood bullying, anxiety, stress, depression, an eating disorder & scoliosis.

I remember that I initially started this blog, and later became a fitness coach and personal trainer, because I felt like there had to be a reason.

I had to go through so many challenges. It had to be that way so that I would have more empathy and better be able to help people. Help them improve their health and reach their fitness goals, no matter where they are or what they’ve been through. That’s my way of making sense of it all.

I use what life has taught me every single day in my fitness coaching. Turning the worst things that ever happened to me into something positive has changed my life, and many others’ lives, too. When life gets in the way, don’t let it stop you. Instead, let it shape you into the person you are meant to be. Let it teach you what you need to learn. You will face the same challenge again and again in your life until you learn from it.

I was reminded of this again last week. I was in bed sick for an entire week and a half (and I’m still not 100%, but getting there)…
Losing money day by day because I couldn’t go train my clients, unable to talk to my friend (that was visiting all the way from Denmark) because the throat infection took my voice, and unable to gym and work on reaching my goal of 77 kg. by January 1st, 2020 because I was too sick to do anything but lay in bed.

I did allow myself to get upset, but I also took it as a lesson in accepting what is. Getting the best out of every moment and being grateful for everything life gives you. Getting sick right when my friend had come all the way from Denmark was so annoying, but at least I had someone there to take care of me and make me a spicy ginger/lemon/mint tea. Because I had to cancel my clients I got to stay home and hang out with her for the entire week. And I realized my building has a luxurious 5-star spa that I can use for free (had to check out the steam room to clear my congestion and was pleasantly surprised by the facilities). I also didn’t have to fight through the massive rainstorm that hit Dubai last Sunday at a time when I would have been on the road, had I been working as usual. I was also pleasantly surprised that my appetite for healthy foods remained throughout the 1,5 weeks of being sick. I didn’t particularly crave any sweets or salty, fried food like I used to. That’s a huge sign that I have finally found balance with my food habits, and it made me so happy and grateful that I never, ever gave up!

And now that the illness has almost left my body, I can go back to my fitness routine and my healthy diet plan. I stuck with healthy eating as much as I could, even though I didn’t stick to my diet plan. I didn’t exercise because I wanted my body to rest and guess what? I haven’t gained weight! I’m sure I will still be able to reach my goal by January 1st, 2020.

When life gets in the way of your results, don’t let it stop you! Take a break, analyze the situation (you might need to change your approach) and then continue towards your goals, doing the best you can with what you have. As long as you try your best, it’s good enough.

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