Fit February Week 4 | Progress Update, Diet & Workout Plan

Fit February 2019 | Final Progress Update

Fit February 2019 has come to an end… A few days ago. Yes, this post is a little overdue. But better late than never!

I wanted to wrap up and show you the months results in pictures and share my thoughts.
I didn’t make it below 77 kg. this time around, but I’m happy with the effort I put in and I know it’s just a matter of time before I’m back at 77 kg.

What worked well?

I found that the workout split, the intensity, and duration of the workouts I’ve been sharing this month works really great for me, and I’ll keep training this way. I’ve put up every single workout I’ve done this month, so if you’d like to tone your body and improve your cardio, but you’re short on time like me, go try the workouts for yourself. You’ll quickly feel your conditioning and shape improving!

What are my challenges?

My biggest challenge throughout Fit February 2019 has been my diet. It always is, to be honest. I love training because it makes me feel good, but I love eating, too. And sometimes I may have added too much feta to my salad if you know what I mean. Translation: I eat healthily but I don’t hold back.

I can be super strict with my diet when I absolutely have to, but in the day to day life, I like just eating healthy and being allowed to eat more if I’m hungry. And if that means reaching my fitness goals will take a bit longer, so be it. I’ve pushed myself to get on stage in the past, and that’s not what this is about. It’s about being healthy and enjoying life, whilst slowly moving towards my goals.

My #FitFeb Challenge in Pictures:

What’s the plan going forward?

I’m excited to continue with my meal plan from 77 Veggie** and to continue working out as I’ve been doing this month. I have so many exciting things planned for you guys this year, and I want to look my best when I share them with you! So after taking a week off from any diet expectations (to relax and get my head straight), I expect to continue with everything I’ve been doing. I don’t mind the process of toning and shredding taking some time. I will continue to tighten up and be below 77 kg. very soon!

**Sponsored: Sunday-Thursday my meals are prepared and delivered by 77 Veggie. It makes eating the right foods during the busy work week so much easier! If you want to try it for yourself use my code “77VEGGIE5%AMANDA” for 5% off on your monthly meal plan.

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