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My 10-Week Challenge | Week 3 Status & Workout Log

The third week of my challenge has passed. I’m still struggling with stress and anxiety, but I was able to cut down on work and hit the gym a lot more this week, and I know that’s how I recover, so I’m feeling positive about the future and this week’s results! I do have a lot on my plate this week with projects I’m involved in such as the Dubai Fitness Challenge and an event for new Danes in Dubai, but I’m excited about being involved in both projects and I’m just arranging my workload as a personal trainer accordingly, feeling very lucky to be my own boss and able to cut back on work when I need to take care of myself for a a little while.

Anyway, that’s not what this blog is about. Let’s get to the point!

This weigh-in was done on Thursday the 25th as I’ve been staying at my boyfriend’s place this weekend, so it’s only 5 days. I did hit the gym a lot and followed my diet plan from 77 Veggie. I’ve increased my daily intake to 2000 calories and on top of that, I’ve been supplementing with extra snacks if I felt hungry. I feel like eating (the right foods) reduces my anxiety, so during stressful times, I tend to eat more to feel better. Being hungry really triggers my anxiety for some reason. To stay fit despite a relatively high food intake, the most important thing to remember is to listen to your body and not overeat, even if you feel like it. Stop when you’re full, make sure your main meals are rich in fiber, protein, and micronutrients and as well for snacks, stick to nutrient-rich foods or splurge on things you really crave. Don’t just eat out of boredom and be mindful about every bite. Sometimes a warm cup of tea (0 calories) can have the same soothing effect as a snack, so if you’re struggling with something similar to what I’m dealing with, my advice is to first try brewing a nice cup of tea before you go look in the fridge.

After 3 weeks (25.10.18): 78,6 kg.

After 2 weeks (19.10.18): 78,9 kg.

The result of this week is that I dropped 300 g., making my total weight loss 2,6 kg. in three weeks. With everything that’s been going on, I think that’s alright, even though know I will have to stick to my diet (and no extra snacks!) this week if I want to actually see some results.

As I mentioned before I’m busy with different events this week, the main thing being teaching a group fitness boot camp class on the main stage in Jumeirah Lake Towers’ Fitness Village this Friday at 4 pm as a part of my involvement in Dubai Fitness Challenge. I’ll also be going to different events all week, on top of running the blog, training my clients and doing my workouts. But I feel good thinking about it. The stress is still lurking right under the surface, but I’m confident it’s under control as long as I manage to work out daily and have enough time to rest between appointments. Luckily having had those issues for so long, I have become very aware of what aggravates and what soothes it, and that becomes a great advantage now.

Since I had more free time this week and know how important working out is for my recovery, I managed to break a sweat every day. A perfect week!
I hit a good balance of heavy strength workouts and active recovery days, so below I’ll share everything I did and who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to give my week’s workouts a try! All workouts are between 30-60 minutes long, usually 40-45 minutes including cardio.


My 10-Week Challenge, Week 3

Day 1: Glutes

A: Treadmill 5,5 km/h
– 10 min 5,5%
– 5 x 50 sec 15% + 10 sec off
5 min 5,5%

B1: Back squat 3×8
B2: Band side walk 3×15

C: Band Good Morning 3×8

D1: Glute/ham raise 3×10
D2: Jump lunges 3×10 each leg

Day 2: Upper body

A: Treadmill 5,5 km/h
30 min incline walk 5,5%

B1: wide grip B.B. row 3×10
B2: BB Reverse grip curl + Press 3×10

C1: DB front raises 3×10
C2: lateral raises 3×10
C3: W’s 3×10

Day 3: Yoga

– 1 hour light yoga

Day 4: Glutes

A: Treadmill 5,5 km/h
– 10 min 5,5%
– 10 x 1 min. 7,5-10,5% + 1 min. 5,5%
5 min 5,5%

B: BB RDL 1×20, 1×15, 3×12

C1: Weighted split squat w. glute kick 3×10 each leg
C2: BB Box squat 3×10

Day 5:

Upper body

A: Treadmill 5,5 km/h
– 20 min incline walk 5,5%

B: Wide grip assisted pull up 3×6

C: Chest supported T-bar row 3×8

D1: Machine lateral raises 3×10
D2: Plate front raise 3×10

Day 6: Glutes

A: Treadmill 5,5 km/h
– 10 min incline walk 5,5%

B: BB hip thrust 3×8

C: BB squat 3×6

D: BB RDL 3×10

E: Machine hip abduction 3×20

Day 7: Cardio

Treadmill 5,5 km/h
30 min incline walk 5,5%

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