Day 14 | 2 Week Weightloss Challenge!

15 min Quick Fix: Booty & Thigh Shaping Workout


If time is tight (and your muscle tone needs to be, after all summer IS just around the corner…) try my Quick Fix 15 minute workout that tightens and strengthens inner thighs, hamstrings, booty, lower- and upper back, core and pelvic floor. YES all of this in one simple little workout that’s guaranteed to make you break a sweat! (and wonder if this workout was actually a good idea…)

The workout:

5 rounds:

10 Sumo Deadlifts
10 Glute bridge walk outs
10 Romanian Deadlifts

1 min. break between rounds

Weight on my barbell is 45 kg. Adjust to your fitness level.



  • Mette Lodberg

    Hej søde 🌞
    Kunne du ikke lave en få overkroppen også. Det ville være så fedt.
    Knus Mette

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Amanda Louise

      Det kan du tro, den kommer op i næste uge :)

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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Day 14 | 2 Week Weightloss Challenge!