Want strong glutes? But have a busy life? This workout is for you!

Saturday evening in Dubai


Yesterday I was supposed to meet up with some friends at the mall after my workout, so I brought my new red jumper & sweatpants and some comfy slippers… I love dressing comfy for the mall haha!

But we changed our plans at the last minute and ended up going to a nice beach club at Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Hotel instead.
Usually I would have dressed up a bit, going to such a nice venue, but hey, what’s wrong with casual as long as you can do it with a hint of style and attitude…
I think I pulled it off!

My set is from H&M which unfortunately don’t offer online shopping in the UAE so I haven’t been able to find it online for you :(
But I’m sure you can find it in stores now, it’s a part of their new collection.

Priced at only 60-80 AED per piece I just had add this set to my collection.

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Want strong glutes? But have a busy life? This workout is for you!