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Competition prep | Am I really doing this?


My long term readers will know that I’ve been eating intuitively for the past 10-ish months. The results have been beyond anything I could have imagined and it’s the best thing ever ever done for myself. ALL of my eating issues (I’ve had many through the years) have been fixed. Food is now something I enjoy, but it has absolutely no control over me any more.

During my yoga teacher training we were encouraged to only eat two meals a day, a sort of intermittent fast. And I kinda just contiued doing that after I went home. I’m not very strict about it, so if I’m hungry at 9 or 10 I eat then. But most days I only feel like having 2 meals. Usually I don’t feel hungry until after my workout around noon, and I’m not very hungry for dinner. I’m rarely really hungry anymore, to be honest. So I just eat what I feel like I need to feel good. And of course I might still eat a bit more and get a bit too full if there’s something I really enjoy (like danish Christmas food and burgers, haha!)

Anyone who ever knew me from before will be like “she’s lying, can’t be true!” because I used to be SUCH a big foodie and food was basically my life hahaha. But here we are. It’s been like this since July. I’ve consistently lost weight since. I was about 86-87 kg. in July and today when I stepped on the scale (for the first time in months) it said 79,7 kg.

Soooo I thought it would be fun to try a competition prep this way! I’m planning to continue intermittent fasting when it feels good. And I’ll still be having my favorite foods, I’ll just make sure to count what I eat. I intend giving it 3-5 months to reach a stage appropriate fitness level, so let’s see how it goes!

I didn’t feel like cooking today, so my food is from PURA. They sell it at the gym and all the calories and macro’s are counted, so it’s very convenient!



In the morning I had coffee with a bit of low fat milk.

During my workout from 12:30-1:30 I was sipping BCAA’s and L-glutamine from my sponsor Bodylab.

I’m having 264 cals worth of overnight oats plus 250 g. cucumbers sprinkled with himalaya salt for “breakfast” at 3 pm.

Not I’m back home working on online clients and social media, and I’ll leave to do my cardio in about and hour.
When that’s done I’ll have my Asian Beef Salad (390 cals) and I’ll probably have another meal before bed. If not I’ll most likely make a fat and calorie-rich snack of cheese or peanut butter and a banana, to make sure I reach my calories.

Currently I’m aiming for 1300 cals daily which is LOW for me. Normally I would do competiton prep at around 1800 per day all the way to the stage. But I’m aiming to lose 1 kg. per week over the next 3 months, so I’d rather start out too low and be able to increase later on. I feel great and full of energy, and that’s what matters. If that changes, I’ll adjust.



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