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BEST Budget HOME GYM Equipment for ANY BUDGET

Today I’m going to show you the best budget home gym equipment to get if you’re on a budget but looking to get some equipment so you can work out at home! The equipment the same home gym equipment I use with my at-home personal training clients or even myself when I don’t have time to go to the gym. It’s super cheap and a little basic, but you can still do a lot of great things with it! I’ll share links for everything I talk about in this blog, and you can purchase all of it on Amazon for just over 1000 AED – and 1/3 of that is a very high-quality workout mat that’ll last you a lifetime!

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If you didn’t already know I live in Dubai and I am an at-home personal trainer, which means most of what I do is drive to my client’s houses and I train my clients in their homes. Of course, some do have home gyms or apartment gyms they can train at. But most of my clients don’t really have anything but their living room! I’ve been doing this for 3 years, and initially, it was a bit of a challenge but I got creative and developed a system of exercises that can challenge anyone, no matter what fitness level, with a minimum of gym equipment.

Personally, I am someone who just loves going to the gym and I love the vibe there. But for so many people, especially if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, the gym can be a daunting and intimidating place. Or maybe you just have a busy lifestyle, and it’s hard to find time to make it to the gym! In any case, we also need to work on our fitness and our health and for that, home workout equipment is great!

It’s practical, it saves you time and money and you don’t have to fear to feel intimidated in the gym. But what equipment should you invest in and where can you find it?

Here on the blog, I’ve already demonstrated multiple ways of training glutes as home:

Dumbbells Only Glute Workout, Beginner No Equipent Glute Workout, Intense No Equipment Glute Workout & Band Only Glute Workout

Showing you that with just with a few pieces of equipment you can have a functioning gym in the comfort of your own living room!

This equipment will also be the foundation of the future home workouts I’m going to film. If you have any specific body parts you’d like me to do an exercise video and blog about, let me know in the comments below! :)

You can do all the workouts on my “Home Workout” playlist on YouTube in your living room or wherever you have a bit of space available. The equipment takes up a minimum of space. Personally, I keep it in a closet (or in my car) when I’m not using it!

Ok ok, enough with the intro, let’s dive into the equipment!

1: Exercise Mat

I always mention that I recommend you get an exercise mat.
Investing in a good quality mat is the number one thing to do. The right mat is the most important item in your home gym. So don’t be cheap here, just spend a little bit extra money on getting a good quality mat.

I use and recommend two different ones: This from YETI* and this from Manduka*.

The Manduka mat* is the best choice if you’re also planning to do yoga, as it has a very good grip, so you can hold the poses without sliding. Even if you have sweaty hands and feet ;)

The mat from YETI* has lasted me three years and I’ve used it when I did my yoga teacher training, with my clients and now I use it for my own at-home training.

Cost: 323-473 AED

yeti yoga mat

2: MissFit Booty Builder*

Use my code “AL5” to get a  5% discount

So these are super good when we want to train the booty when we want to train the gluteus medius, which is a muscle that’s pretty weak in most of us.

Cost: 159 AED

3: MissFit Booty Bands*

Use my code “AL5” to get a  5% discount

They come in a pack of three as you see here. There’s a thick one, there’s a medium one, and then there’s a thin one and I just love these. I use them for both the upper body and for the lower body, around the ankles, around the knees, around the wrists for different exercises. I have these with me, with the booty builder as well, in my bag, wherever I go and I use them for my clients all the time.

Cost: 159 AED

missfit booty builder

4: TheraBands/Workout bands

The one I have is from Casall, but otherwise, they’re called TheraBands* and we use them a lot in physiotherapy as well. You can get them in all different resistance levels. So this one is a pretty thick one, but you can still like to stretch out and do lots of things with it.

You can get yourself some TheraBands here* and they come in packs of 3, so you have different resistances for different exercises.
You can also get the handle ones, but I personally really, really always have preferred the TheraBands. I think they’re much better to work with, much more versatile. You can use them around the doorknobs, for shoulder exercises, for back exercises. You can use them for chest, for shoulders, anything really. I love these, for rehab and the strength training, this is a great piece of equipment.

Cost: 98 AED


5: Dumbbells

The next thing that I definitely recommend that you get, is at least one pair of dumbbells. I would actually recommend getting two pairs at least, so you get one light pair and one heavy pair. For women, I would say that if you’re a complete beginner and you don’t feel that strong, get a pair of two-kilo dumbbells and a pair of four-kilo dumbbells. And if you’re a bit more fit, I would say get a pair of three and five or maybe a pair of three and seven-kilo weights.

I literally use dumbbells for training every body part, and if you have a light pair and a heavy pair, then you will be able to do a lot of different exercises.

Links for budget-friendly dumbbells:
1 kilo*
2 kilos*
3 kilos*
4 kilos*
5 kilos*
7 kilos*

(all come in sets of 2 dumbbells)

As you get stronger, the weights might become too light, and then it’s time to go higher in reps or invest in a heavier pair of weights to ensure that progressive overload. But don’t worry too much about that to start with! I recommend to begin with one or two pairs of dumbbells and going from there. Remember, you can always just upgrade and get a heavier pair later on!

Cost: 12-143 AED per set (depends on weight)

home gym dumbbells

6: Chair

The fifth piece of equipment that I recommend that you get, it’s probably something you have in the house already. It is a good, strong chair*. I have one of my dining room chairs here and that works just fine. Just make sure it’s a nice, stable chair and something that can handle you putting some weight on it.

Cost: 79 AED


7: Kettlebell

I  really like my 12-kilo kettlebell*, which is super versatile. In my experience 12 kg. a great starting weight for most people.

Cost: 162 AED

home gym kettlebell

8: Step Bench

In the home gym arsenal, I also really like having a step bench*. Only your imagination will determine what you can use this bench for and it’s just such a fun piece of equipment!

Cost: 61 AED

home gym step bench

Learn More About My Best Budget Home Gym Equipment

Total cost: 1053 AED

That’s right! The total price for everything I’ve mentioned in this blog is as little as 1053 AED. That’s just about the cost of a 2-month gym membership and the equipment will last you for years to come!

On my YouTube, I go over all of my equipment and what I use it for in more detail.

If you want me to do more blogs or videos where I show you how I train effectively with the home gym equipment in this video, leave a comment below and let me know what body parts you’d like me to focus on in the upcoming blogs!

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