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GUILT FREE Snack Recipe | Crunchy & Salty with LESS than 30 Calories!

This GUILT FREE Snack Recipe gives you that delicious crunch and savory flavor you’re craving, without adding too many calories to your daily intake! It used to be one my my favorite snacks that I used to love back in my bikini fitness days. It’s perfect for those times where you have the munchies and you really just want to snack on something crunchy, but you know it’s not the right time to dive into that bag of salty chips!

Maybe you’ve just come back from holiday and you’re trying to shed those couple of kilos that crept on, or maybe you just don’t want to eat a lot of calories because you’re doing so well on your weight loss journey and the momentum is motivating you – or you’re going to step on stage within a few weeks or months, so you have to keep your calories in check. Whatever your situation, this snack can curb your cravings and satisfy that sweet, crunchy & savory tooth for a few hours!


  • 10 g. Skyr / 0% Fat Greek Yogurt
  • 200 g. fresh cucumber
  • Pink salt
  • Spice mix
  • 0 Calorie liquid sweetener (or Stevia drops)

How To:

Mix 10 g. of yogurt with a dash of spices of your choice and 2 drops of liquid sweetener.
Cut out cucumber in sticks and lightly sprinkle them with pink salt.

Dip the cucumber sticks in the dips and enjoy your guilt-free snack!

Serve with an ice-cold diet soda on the side!

Macros: (1 serving)

Calories: 28
Protein: 3 g.
Carbs: 5 g.
Fat: 0 g.

What’s your favorite low-calorie snack? I’m looking for inspiration, so comment below if you know of a good and guilt free snack recipe I have to try!

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