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GROW Your GLUTES At Home | Best GLUTE EXERCISES With Resistance Bands

Today I’ll show you the 5 Best GLUTE EXERCISES With Resistance Bands!

If you’ve been checking in on the blog in the past few weeks you’ll know that this is a part of my GROW Your GLUTES Series and that Episode 1, 2, and 3 of the series are already out!

You can find them below:

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In today’s blog, I’m sharing my 5 best glute exercises with resistance bands. For the exercises I will be using two different bands:

  1. MissFit Booty Builder: A which is a thick band with high resistance. (adlink)
  2. MissFit Booty Band Light: The lightest band in a pack of 3 smaller rubber bands. (adlink)

You can use my code “AL5” at checkout for 5% off your own bands at the online store! (adlink)

I take these bands with me wherever I go, so even when I travel, I just pop them in the suitcase, they weigh nothing and that way, I know I can always pump out a great glute workout if I don’t have access to a gym. So if you get a chance, definitely stock up on those bands. They are gold.

The Best Glute Exercises With Resistance Bands:

I have 5 resistance band glute exercises for you! I recommend doing between 15 and 20 reps of each exercise and doing two to three rounds for a full glute workout.

Exercise 1: Lateral Band Walks

Place the band over your knees, around your thighs, now bend down to a high squat position, push your knees out and turn your toes either straight forward or slightly in and start walking sideways, keeping your chest up and your shoulders back and down.

Here, in my living room, I have enough space to do lateral walks back and forth. If you have a smaller space, you can just do the exercise it standing in the same spot stepping one foot out to the side, back in the middle, then step the other foot to the side and back in the middle and repeating for the number of reps your strength allows.

Exercise 2: Band Jump Squats

Place the band in the same position as before and start by squatting down and jumping up explosively. Make sure you keep the knees out the whole time. Don’t let the knees cave in. Jump as high as you can and land on your toes and soft knees with every rep. Keep your chest up and your shoulders back and down.

Exercise 3: Band Reverse Lunge + Kickback

Place the band is in the same position as before, now you lunge back into a reverse lunge and on the way up, you kick your foot back, squeezing your glutes at the top of the position.  Make sure you keep good technique, chest up, lunge all the way down, keeping the front knee over the ankle with the weight on the heel (not the toes) and making sure the heel stays firmly on the ground, not letting it lift up.

Which Booty Band To Choose?
I use the Booty Builder for this exercise, but it can be quite difficult to do with that much resistance, so if you have any issues keeping good form, you can switch to the Booty Band instead. Or you can even do this exercise without a band if you’re just starting out! It’ll still tug at your glutes in just the right place, so don’t feel discouraged if you can’t do this one with maximum resistance! Being able to keep good form if more important :)

Exercise 4: Ankle Mini Band Jumping Jacks

Place the Booty Band Light around your ankles and assume a high squat position with your feet hip with apart. From this position, jump your feet out and in, keeping your hips low.  This is such a tough exercise and deceivingly challenging! Definitely only use the Booty Band, not the Booty Builder.  Stay down throughout the whole exercise and you will feel it in your glutes, I promise!

You can also put your arms into this, so you do a proper jumping jack clapping overhead. I just like keeping my hands on my hips or chest, because it allows me to focus on the glutes.

Exercise 5: Quadrupled Band Kickbacks + Side Lifts

Place Booty Builder in the same position as we did for the first three exercises and assume a tabletop position on all fours. Keep your back straight and your hips parallel while and pressing your heel up towards the ceiling, keeping the knee bent throughout the movement. Squeeze your glutes hard at the top and raise your foot as high as possible. After doing 10-15 reps here, I go into the side lifts. I’m still keeping my hips as still as possible, abs engaged, lifting out to the side 10 times before I switch to the other leg and repeat the movement. Really focus on keeping your hips in this same position, not twisting your hips, pushing that glute up into the ceiling, keeping your abs nice and tight.

Exercise Technique

Check out the video below where I show you the correct technique for each of the 5 Best Glute Exercises With Resistance Bands

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