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How To Take Your Measurements For Weight Loss

In today’s blog & video I’ll show you how to take your measurements in a way that you can repeat week after week, allowing you to use your measurements as an accurate way to track your progress!

Why should you take your measurements?

Tracking your progress on the scale works great for most, but sometimes you could use an additional way to track your progress.

The scale doesn’t tell you if you’re losing fat or building muscle, or if you’re retaining water because you’re constipated or your period is coming up. It just tells you your current relationship with gravity in kilos and grams. Nothing else. And it can sometimes feel frustrating doing all the right things only to see the scale going the wrong way for no reason.

Or maybe you’d just like to stop being fixated on the scale and start using something else to track your progress. Either way, measurements are a great tool!  Measurements can be more accurate and tell you exactly what part of your body is shrinking or growing.

I decided to do this blog because I’ve had many questions over the years from clients – especially my online clients – that don’t feel confident in taking measurements themselves. And taking your measurements in a way that allows you to compare your progress from week to week is difficult! If you measure yourself in just a slightly different spot than last time, the measurements can be completely different.

But if you follow this guide that I’m about to give you, you will know how to take your measurements in exactly the same spot, every single week. It’ll allow you to better trust your measurements and maybe even venture away from stepping on the scale every week and instead just trusting your measurements for tracking your progress. Which I think is a really, really awesome thing. Because the measurements can show us so much more than how much water we are holding, which is usually what the scale is telling us, let’s be honest.

What you need to take your measurements:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen
  • Somewhere to write down your measurements (I use the “notes” my phone)

Where on your body should you measure?

It’s essentially up to you, but with my method, I measure 7 different spots (9 if you do both legs and both arms) that I’ve found cover most “problem areas” and all together gives a good indication of how you’re progressing. But if you want to add an area or skip an area, that’s ok too!

What’s important is that you always do the same measurements and that you always measure yourself in the exact same spot. Only then is the measurement valid and useful for comparison with the measurements you take in the following weeks and months.

The 7 Spots to Measure:

  • Chest (around nipple level)
  • Waist (10 cm up from belly button)
  • Belly Button (around belly button level)
  • SIAS (10 cm. down from belly button)
  • Glutes (measure around the widest part of your glutes, then up towards tour belly button)
  • Quads (10-15 cm up from apex of the knee cap)
  • Biceps (10 cm up towards your shoulder from elbow fold)

Still not sure how it’s done? Watch this video to see exactly how I do my measurements!

My measurements 01.07.2019:

Chest: 93 cm.
Waist: 73,5
BB: 80
SIAS: 91,5
Glutes: 103
Quads: 55,5

I really hope you found this blog & video useful and that my guide will help you confidently and accurately take your measurements in the future!

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