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Healthy On A Budget | Healthy No Spend Month

In this blog I’ll share my Healthy No Spend Month Rules that I’ll be following for the month of July!

A little explanation

I feel like my money has just been flying out of my account lately… The reason might be that 3-week trip to Denmark followed by moving apartments, including buying new furniture & trying out all the restaurants in my new neighborhood. Safe to say it’s been an expensive and not-so-healthy couple of months!

So I thought “How can I get back on track with both my diet and my finances?” and I realized that a “Healthy No Spend Month” Challenge would be a perfect (and kinda fun) solution!

How is a no spend challenge going to be fun you may ask?
Well, I love challenges! Money challenges, running challenges, diet challenges, workout challenges… If it’s a challenge, I get excited! I feel like a no spend challenge is so much more fun than just trying to save money. When it’s made into a challenge it makes it a high-vibe fun activity and I want to do well to make myself proud, if that makes sense?

Anyways, it works really well for me and like I said I thought it would be fun to blog about and make it into a health-themed No Spend Month Fitness Edition! I am back on my 2000 cal/day diet AND started a new workout plan, so the goal is to be able to prep and eat the right foods to see positive results on my fitness even though I’m trying not to spend money!

I last did a No Spend in January of this year, and you can read about my rules here, the first status after 10 days here, and the final status with all my spending results here.

Back then, I was also following a diet plan but had most of my meals delivered to my door every morning. This time, I’m going to be cooking all my meals myself. I’m also going to challenge myself with a stricter budget. I want to show you that you can easily live a very healthy lifestyle on a strict budget!

Healthy No Spend Month Goals

  1. Lose 500 g. per week
  2. Stay below my 300 AED/week grocery budget
  3. Get back into the habit of food prepping for the day
  4. Get back into the habit of being aware of what I spend and on what

Healthy No Spend Month Rules


Weekly food/grocery budget: 300 AED ($81) x 4,5 = 1350 AED ($367,5) total.

I will have 5 envelopes with 300 AED in the first 4 and 150 AED in the last (since July has 4,5 weeks) and anything I buy I will have to pay with the 300 AED in the envelope. The receipt for every purchase goes back in the envelope so I can keep accurate track of every dirham I spend this month!

I will follow my 2000 calories/day diet plan 6 days per week and have 1 day per week where I don’t count my calories.



I have the password to my dad’s Netflix account and just bought a new TV, that will have to do for the month! (Thanks, Dad!)



No shopping this month, if I need any small items during the month it will have to be financed from my grocery/food budget.


I’m allowed to get 1-2 of my regular mani/pedis at the salon (price around 350 AED for both) and 2 x bikini wax + eyebrow threading (price around 250 AED for both).

Mani/pedis and hair removal at the salon are luxuries, but to me, it’s basic grooming and something I’m willing to prioritize.

Only other beauty expenses allowed this month will be if I run out of my necessary staples such as face sunscreen, conditioner, shampoo etc. However, I’m pretty sure I won’t be in a situation where I run out of anything, so I don’t expect to spend on this.

Rent, Utilities, Other Recurring Monthly Expenses & Gas:

These expenses will be paid as per usual.

My gas budget is unlimited as I depend on my car to drive to and from my clients, but I will do my best not to drive around unnecessarily.

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