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The 9 Worst Gym Pet Peeves (A Humerous Perspective)

I’ve recently picked up my training to 6 days per week and sometimes twice per day. That means I’m practically living in the gym. This past weekend my boyfriend came with me to the gym and decided to walk on the treadmill next to me. All was good until he… Ugh, I almost can’t say it. I need to take a deep breath as I’m typing this… Okay here goes…

He put the treadmill on an incline and walked on it while holding on!

Holding onto the handrails while walking or running on the treadmill is my BIGGEST gym pet peeve! When I see people do it I always want to scream “why are you wasting your time?!”

Walking on the treadmill on an incline is a great and effective workout, but by holding on you make the workout much more ineffective. Either walk on an incline to increase the intensity of your workout or just walk normally without an incline. It’s so silly.

That traumatic experience made me go on my Instagram story and ask you guys what your worst gym pet peeves are. And I got so many hilarious responses that I can totally relate to! And maybe there’s one I’m guilty of, nobody is perfect. These are a few more gym pet peeves you shared with me on Instagram.

Talking loudly on the phone in the gym – especially next to you when you’re putting in some serious work!

… In general people on the phone while training… They’re distracting and often taking long breaks and occupying the machines. Just knock it off. Take an hour for yourself and call them back when you’re done at the gym.

Girls who wear their hair down at the gym. You just know they are only there for Instagram.

This is true. The only time I’ve worn my hair down in the gym has been for photoshoots. If I forget a hair tie I’ll ask every single woman in the gym if they have one to spare – working out with your hair down is so distracting!

Leaving the weights/plates/equipment on the floor after using it. Despite the fact, they’re literally in the gym to lift weights.

Nothing is worse than wanting to use the leg press but first having to unrack 14 20 kg. plates first. If you’re not strong enough to put the weights back after use, you shouldn’t be lifting them in the first place.

Shadow boxing the mirror between sets – Cringe level 1000!

I can’t even.

People making “I’m coming” noises when lifting.

We’ve all had to pretend to ignore it but the grunt is real and it’s making everyone uncomfortable.

Running backward on the cross trainer (or treadmill!)

In the same category as the “holding onto the handrails while walking on the treadmill“… My only question is WHY?!

Foam rolling/stretching right in front of the dumbbell rack

Agreed! Take your mat to a quiet place and stretch it out instead. People doing anything in front of the dumbbell rack is annoying… There’s also always that guy standing RIGHT in front of the rack while lifting, so you have to wait for his set to finish to pick up or put back weights… Be nice and take a few steps back so we can all get to the weights.

People wanting to “jump in” on your machine even though the gym is half empty and just you want to be in your own world. Or a person asking how many sets you have left, then hovering over you while waiting for the machine.

Let people have their space in the gym. If the machine you want to use is currently being used, go do another exercise while you wait, and make the most of your time. If you really do need to wait for a machine, don’t do it while hovering over people finishing their last sets. It’s really uncomfortable to work out when someone is staring you down.

What’s your worst gym pet peeve that didn’t make the list? Comment below! :)

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