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(Fitness) Life Update

I feel like it’s been years (maybe it has?!) since it sat down and gave you an actual update on my life…

Fitness Life Update

Over the past year, I’ve slowly been getting back on my feet after the big move in 2016. After I went freelance in April 2018, things started looking up for me, and it’s been a huge relief that since then I’ve been able to decide what clients I want to work with, lease an amazing car, save up, travel more, etc.
I’m actually planning to move into a bigger apartment in just a few months! After 3 years in a small studio apartment, I’m sooo ready for that!

On Wednesday 08.05.2019 I’ll upload a vlog on my new YouTube with a Dubai Personal Trainer Q&A, so if you can wait a few weeks I’ll tell you all about why I moved to Dubai, how I got my job here and how to make it as a personal trainer in Dubai.

I’ve been doing fitness for so long now, and after taking a year or two to switch off and enjoy other things a little bit, I feel like I’ve arrived back where I belong. I’m back in the gym lifting heavy 6 days per week, I’m eating super healthy and I don’t really have a desire to go partying or really go out at all… I’m back to my hermit life! Haha.

Jokes aside, I do still go out with friends but I have a new desire for just staying at home and relaxing, which is quite refreshing. I feel like you can still be a great trainer if you go out (of course you can!) but there’s something incredibly satisfying about “walking your talk”. There just one little issue…

Injuries are the worst

Injuries are the worst. If you’ve ever had one, I’m sure you can agree!

Along with the heavier training sessions, I’m having some issues with tight muscles in my right hip. It radiates up to my lower back where I’m also tight, and it’s very painful. So I’m seeing a physiotherapist in the hopes that they can solve the issue as soon as possible. Nothing is more annoying than injuries, especially when you have a super fun workout program to follow and just want to smash it in the gym and see great results!

I won’t let it hold me back, and I’m keeping my head up. I’m lucky it’s just a muscular issue, my spine and nerves are fine, so it should be fixable in a relatively short amount of time. I will just continue to train as hard as I can, without aggravating the issue any further.

Thank you so much for reading!
I’m planning to start blogging every Sunday, so if you have anything you’d like me to talk about, feel free to ask questions in the comments below or simply email me.

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