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My No-Spend January | Spending Summary & Thoughts

My No-Spend January has come to an end. I’m proud to say that I’ve stuck to my no-spend rule and I’m even more proud that I managed to track ALL of my spending for an entire month. I’m aware there are bigger challenges out there and that limiting and tracking your spending for one month is hardly a huge achievement, but to me, getting organized enough to track all of my spendings for an entire month is pretty major. Even more impressively, I managed to steer clear of shopping and costly, unnecessary spendings for an entire month.

However, I did get a little bit less frugal when it came to buying coffee on the go. I have changed my coffee-habit in a way where I will look for and choose the cheaper (but pretty decent) coffee stand, over the more expensive choices. Whenever I have the option. Due to the nature of my work that has me driving around town all day long, it’s logistically difficult for me to always choose exactly where I get to stop and pick up my cup of joy. And I’ve stuck to my rule that I can only purchase coffee on the go on days when I train at least 5 clients. Which is pretty much every day of the week anyway ;) But my awareness has definitely increased. 2412 AED on coffee every year is just too much!

Dealing With An Unexpected Flooding Disaster

Besides coffee, I have stuck to my no-shopping rule. With the exception of spending 195 AED on office supplies for organizing my papers. I categorized this expense as necessary after my apartment was flooded and I came home to a situation similar to this…

And I think you can forgive me for that. I need to keep my important documents safe, and until now I’ve just kept them in a drawer. Underneath my bed. NOT the safest place if your apartment suddenly gets flooded. And “how did this unexpected flooding disaster happen?” you might ask.
Let’s just say that the pipes in my apartment are rustier than the Titanic! I’m planning to move out soon.

The Numbers

It’s time to reveal the numbers. Below is my total spending during my no-spend month.


  • Groceries, Take Away x 1 & Coffee: 1247,04 AED / $339,47

Coffee-to-go accounts for a total of 127,75 AED or 10,24%


  • Dining out x 4: 757,5 AED / $206,21


  • Filing essentials for my important documents: 195 AED / $53


  • Salon treatments x 2: 1034,25 AED / $281,56

Would I Do It Again & Do I Recommend A No-Spend?

I’m very happy with my spending (or lack thereof) this month. I’ve managed to cut back on all categories and to spend below my budget, without depriving myself of experiences that are important to me such as going out a for a meal once in a while, getting my nails done and getting my coffee-fix in the middle of a long work day.

I will continue to cut off unnecessary spendings and to be more frugal with my hard earned money. However, I will try to make it a natural thing rather than continuing my no-spend challenge. I did have things I purposely waited to invest in due to the challenge. Things such as a new screen for my iPhone that I managed to break in December. That’s not something I’m willing to go without for too long, but for the purpose of the challenge, I decided to push it as long as possible.

I would definitely recommend tracking your spendings. As in writing it all down. Every. Single. Purchase. It really opens your eyes to where your money is going and make it so much easier to stick to a budget. Doing a no-spend challenge is a good idea if you want to get really focused and cut down as much as possible for a certain period of time. I actually found it fun to keep track of everything and make decisions on what to cut out! It left me only spending money on things that are absolutely necessary or things that give me joy.

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