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Manifesting in 7 Steps | Reflecting on Focus Points From 2018

It’s that manifesting time again!

Time to reflect on my achievements in 2018 and set new intentions for 2019

I don’t like to call them New Years Resolutions. I feel like that’s something everyone forgets about midway through January… So I call them my Focus Points or better yet: Intentions. I take a moment at the end of the year to get clear on what I want to achieve in the new year. Then I write my list and start working towards reaching those goals. Generally, everything I wish for, I end up getting.

I’ve seen it work like magic since I started writing down my goals for the new year in 2010/2011. Back then, I manifested my first apartment before the end of 2011. Despite going through my battle with anxiety, stress, and depression that same year.

Later I realized writing down your goals in this way is equivalent to doing step 1 & 2 of the 7 steps to getting anything you want. Yes, manifesting anything you want is possible! Including money, a perfect relationship or literally anything else you wish to have.

The 7 steps to manifesting anything your desire:

1. Get clear on what you want.
2. Ask the universe for it.
3. Take action (help the universe make it happen).
4. Trust the process.
5. Be grateful for what you have.
6. Increase your vibration.
7. Let go.

Step 1 & 2:

The process of writing down what goals and dreams you’d like to achieve, takes care of point 1 & 2: Getting clear on what you want and asking for it.

Step 3:

Taking action means that you continue to go out in the world and try to be the best version of you that you can be. You can’t just sit at home and wait for things to happen.

Step 4 & 5:

Trusting the process while being grateful for what you have are the next key components to manifesting everything you want. You have to truly believe in your heart that you will receive what you want, and at the same time, you should feel grateful for everything you currently have.

Step 6:

Step number 6 is increasing your vibration. Abraham Hicks says it best in “Ask And It Is Given” when they say: You can only attract that which you are a vibrational match to. Increasing your vibration or vibrating on the same frequency as that which you wish to attract is a lot more simple than it sounds: You just have to feel good. Happy, joyful, grateful. Think thoughts, speak words and focus your attention on that which makes you feel good. You can only attract that which you are a vibrational match to.

Step 7:

Finally, you let it go. Focus on living a life where you work hard, practice gratefulness and raise your vibration in general, but don’t let yourself be consumed with your desire to attract that one thing you wish to have.

Reflecting on my Focus Points in 2018:

You find the blog with my Focus Points for 2018 right here.

My first Focus Point:

To spend more time and energy on my social media platforms in 2018.
In 2017 I took a few months off from social media, but in 2018 I’ve been more consistent with my updates and I’ve put a lot of time and energy into every blog post. I’m still trying to find a good balance between working online and offline. I wish more of my business was based online since I love expressing myself and helping people through my blog, social media, and online coaching packages, but right now about 98% of my income is from personal training, so naturally that’s still where I place most of my time and energy. But I’m hoping to be able to spend more time working online in the future.

My second Focus Point

Was to become more financially stable in 2018. In my case, this meant to be debt free, apart from my student loan. I’m so happy to have been successful in reaching that so that now I can focus on the next step: Saving for the future.

I’ve never been good with money and have been in debt since the week I turned 18. Maybe I’ll share my financial story with you in the future. I know it’ kind of taboo to talk about money, but I think my story is something a lot of people can learn from!

Not owing any money to banks etc. is a major achievement for me and I paid off almost 48000 AED (86000 DKK) to my bank in 2018. Yay, me!
I currently already have some small savings, but my goal is to have over 60.000 AED (100.000 DKK) in the bank by the end of 2019. I have made a plan and I’m actually looking forward to saving all that money. I feel so grown up.

My third Focus Point

Was to continue to work on attracting the right people into my life. Doing so by having a positive attitude and communicating well. It’s been a crazy year with a lot of ups and downs. I went through a breakup and lost some friends, but I also met my amazing boyfriend and made new friends. They are all people I feel very happy and lucky to have in my life. I believe some people are only meant to be in your life for a certain amount of time, for you to learn something from them. Which is why I’m not sad about certain people leaving my life and moving on, just like I have done the same. It’s how it was meant to be, and I’m grateful for what the taught me and take the lessons with me. You can’t attract the right people if the wrong ones are still in your life.


2018 has been a great year. I was able to manifest what I asked for!
However, my goals this year weren’t very specific, so that’s definitely something I’ll change for my list for 2019.
Be as specific as possible when you write down your goals! Otherwise what you’re manifesting might not be exactly what you wanted.

Do you write down your goals at the beginning of the year, and do you go back to evaluate how far you’ve come at the end of the year?

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