I offer personalized online coaching in Danish & English

My online coaching program allow me to be your coach, no matter where you live in the world!

I help my clients find the most optimal way for them to eat and exercise, and all my coaching packages are very flexible and tailored exactly to each individuals goals and lifestyle.

With 6 years experience as a personal trainer, long-distance runner, and fitness competitor, I help clients who wish to gain muscle mass, lose a large amount of weight or simply get a bit leaner while maintaining muscle mass and performance in the gym. I do not coach athletes for bikini fitness competitions.

I specialize in working with clients that require a trainer with my unique background in competitive bodybuilding and Physical Therapy.
This includes but is not limited to clients suffering from eating disorders, stress, depression, and anxiety, cancer, old injuries that still causes limitations, asthma, prenatal, chronic pain etc. If you’re unsure whether I can help you, don’t hesitate to contact me for a free phone/e-mail consultation.

I never take on more than 5 online clients at a time, to ensure each client gets my full attention. This is PERSONAL online coaching.
Take a look at my packages down below and fill out my contact form to register for one of the very limited coaching spots!
I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

All packages include:

– Unlimited coaching via messages and e-mail (I answer all messages within 24 hours)
– Access to all your plans in Zenit App via your smartphone during the duration of the coaching period. In the app you can also upload your progress photos and measurements, making it You will also receive your plans in PDF format so you will have access to them forever.
– A personalized workout plan, updated every 60 days.
– A personalized nutrition plan that will be continuously adjusted according to your progress.

Personal Online Coaching Prices:

Start-up fee (including 1st month): 1500 DKK / 900 AED / 245 USD

Monthly payment: 1000 DKK / 600 AED / 165 USD

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