My name is Amanda Louise and I am a Dubai-based personal trainer and yoga instructor with a degree in physiotherapy.

Born and raised in Denmark, I decided to move to sunny Dubai in 2016.

I blog about my lifestyle in Dubai, my interests in health and fitness and share my experience going from battling anxiety and being overweight, to becoming a fitness influencer, competing in fitness and helping other people to get in shape and reach their full potential.

The road to get to where I am today has been long and with many ups and downs. I’m proud to say that I used my challenges to become the best version of me I could. However, I’m still growing and this blog is my outlet to reflect on my own experiences and hopefully inspire, educate and motivate others at the same time.

I did a series of 3 blogs covering my story from overweight, unhealthy and unhappy to where I am today. You can find them here:

My Story Part 1
My Story Part 2
My Story Part 3

For personal training and online coaching inquiries please e-mail me at or read more about what I offer here (Personal Training) and here (Online coaching)

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