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Self-love Is An Attitude

I always feel kinda iffy about February 14th. About the concept of Valentine’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong, I think showing people that you love them is the most amazing thing we can do, and I’m all for it! But, in my personal experience, having to do it on a certain date can make you either feel a bit left out because you’re single, or add a sense of pressure to do something nice for your significant other.

I love doing things for others and surprising my partner, but we already have so many occasions during the yeat when you’re more or less obliged to do so. Do we really need another? Isn’t the best surprises the ones you didn’t expect or see coming? I think so.

Instead of putting pressure on ourselves or our partners, I think we should make Valentine’s Day about practicing self-love.
As a society, we are so wrapped up in the idea of being agreeable to others, that we tend to forget to practice and nurture the most important love in our life:  The love for ourselves. Self-love.

Truly loving yourself by showing yourself empathy, compassion and kindness is not a sign of narcissism – it’s a sign of a strong human being who knows she needs to put on her own oxygen mask before helping others with theirs! I don’t know where the flight safety reference came from but you know what I’m trying to say here.

So today, I’m going to practice self-love. And if that sounds difficult, let me tell you that it doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to exclude others. You can practice self-love and show others you love them at the same time. Self-love is an attitude, not an act.

Self-love can be anything that makes you feel good.

Today, my self-love ritual will be to stop working by 2 pm. (I’m really bad at working 16 hour days every single day)
Then tonight I’m going out for dinner with my boyfriend and after we’ll to go watch a movie. I’ve booked us tickets at my favorite cinema and I’ve decided I’ll enjoy a small caramel popcorn & a large diet coke. Because I’ve worked hard all week and I deserve to take a little break and just relax tonight.

What do you like to do to practice self-love on a day like today?

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