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HOW TO BUILD A BUTT ⎮ Glute Activation Workout ⎮ Feat. Helene Hüttmann

I’m so excited to finally share this glute activation workout featuring Helene Hüttmann with you guys! It was supposed to go live on January 29th but due to the launch of my new online personal training website and some technical difficulties it didn’t go live until today. But Sunday is my favorite day to post because I know everyone is at home getting ready for a new week so I’m actually kinda happy that I get to launch it today instead! I think you’ll love this one!

Our last video about how to train your biceps for women has quickly become one of the most popular videos on my channel so we decided to do another video collaboration together. This time we are giving you 5 glute activation exercises with you. The glute exercises will teach you how to activate your gluteus muscles and establish that mind-muscle connection so you can build the round, peachy glutes of your dreams!

Learn how to activate your glutes! (FINALLY!) So many women are trying to train their glutes with heavy squats, lunges, and deadlifts. I would never tell you to stop doing that BUT a lot of us ladies are more quad dominant (quads = the front of our legs) and when we try to lift heavy to build our glutes, instead we have a tendency to push the majority of the weight with put thighs! Or maybe you have a habit of arching your back excessively or bend your knees when trying to do straight leg kickbacks.

In both cases, doing a few glute activation exercises either as your warm-up or as your entire workout will establish a better connection between your brain and your glutes, allowing the gluteus muscle fibers to fire better so they can get torn apart and react by growing bigger. Which is our ultimate goal!

Watch the 5 glute activation exercises in the video below.

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