From Bikini Fitness To "All-In"⎮ Overcoming Emotional Eating ⎮ Part 2

Workout Video: Biceps Workout For Women Feat. Helene Hüttmann

For this biceps workout, I teamed up with my friend Helene Hüttmann! She’s also a personal trainer here in Dubai and together we always have the most energetic and fun workouts!

The Workout

EXERCISE 1: DB Bicep Curls 3×10-12
EXERCISE 2: Single-arm DB Preacher Curl 3×10-12
EXERCISE 3: Alternating Hammer Curl 3×10-12
EXERCISE 4: Single-arm High Cable Curl 3x
EXERCISE 5: Barbell 21’s 3×7-7-7

We did all the exercises individually rather than as supersets (as I would normally do) and it was brutal!

If you want to tone up your arms, I recommend that you give this biceps workout for women a go! (guys are welcome to try it too, of course!)

All the exercises featured engage your biceps from multiple angles and in different ranges of motion to ensure maximal muscle growth! Mix the bicep exercises into your own workout schedule or just try this arm workout next time you’re training biceps!

Should we do another workout collab soon? What body part should we train next time? Let me know in the comments!

You can find Helene here: Youtube & Instagram

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