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Cottage Cheese Protein Pancakes Recipe ⎮ High Protein Pancakes Without Protein Powder

High Protein Pancakes made with cottage cheese… Disgusting or too good to be true?!

Cottage cheese pancakes may sound weird, but do yourself the favor of giving it a try before you say “no thank you”.
This is one of my favorite protein pancake recipes from my app, inspired by my bikini fitness competition days.

I used to make a ton of fitness recipes inspired by my favorite foods and I always loved to play around with healthy breakfast ideas.

The Secret

One of the problems with traditional protein pancakes made with egg whites & protein powder is that they can turn out very… Dry.

However, when you use cottage cheese as an ingredient the pancakes turn out juicy and absolutely delicious. Guaranteed! Cottage cheese is the secret to delicious protein pancakes every time. No dry protein pancakes here!

Adding cottage cheese & egg whites and using sweetener instead of sugar means that the macros are ideal for staying on track for your fitness goals.
The oats & banana add good carbs, fiber & important micronutrients.


  • 50 g. oats
  • 100 g. banana
  • 100 g. low fat cottage cheese
  • 1 whole egg
  • 90 g. egg whites (3 pcs.)

Additional: Pink Himalayan salt, liquid sweetener, cinnamon, blueberries

MACROS (1 portion)

Calories: 477
Protein: 36 g.
Carbs: 62 g.
Fat: 10 g.

With my cottage cheese pancakes, you can eat pancakes every single day, and still lose weight! It’s the perfect breakfast recipe idea for a high protein breakfast.

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