PUSH UPS ⎮ Push Up Plank Exercise Tutorial ⎮ PLANKMAS DAY 12

“STIR THE POT” PLANK ON SWISS BALL ⎮ Advanced Plank Exercise Tutorial ⎮ PLANKMAS DAY 13


On YouTube, PLANKMAS means I’m sharing a video with a new plank variation every single day throughout the holiday month. I want you to find inspiration and get creative with your planks! Today’s video features the “stir the pot” plank on a swiss ball. A brutal core & shoulder killer but oooohhh the results are so worth it!

If you find it too challenging, I’d suggest trying one of the other plank variations I’ve been doing tutorials of this month. You can find the full PLANKMAS 2019 playlist here. I’m adding a new video to the playlist every day until December 24th!

Some beginner-friendly plank variations to try are the rocking elbow plank & the elbow side plank.


The main Plankmas Challenge is on my Instagram @amandalouisefit 
We’re doing planks every day and adding +15 seconds of plank time every single day for 24 days!

Over on YouTube, Plankmas means that I’m uploading 24 plank variation tutorials (!), one for every day until Christmas.

In this thirteenth video in the series, I’m doing a “stir the pot” on the swiss ball plank exercise tutorial. My goal is to show you how to do this swiss ball plank correctly, so we can safely do 24 days of planks without getting any injuries! Over the next 11 days, I’ll keep giving you daily uploads of some of my favorite plank variations and side plank variations so you can mix it up and have fun with the challenge! For demonstrations of some of the most common mistakes, make sure to check out my elbow plank tutorial so you know what mistakes to avoid!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below :)

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