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HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR DEEP CORE MUSCLES ⎮ Transverse Abdominis Exercises For Smaller Waist ⎮ Ep. 1

Hi guys! If you’re looking to learn how to activate your deep core muscles, you’ve come to the right place.

I posted this video on my YouTube earlier today, and I thought I would also share it with my audience here on the blog so you all have a chance to try these three amazing deep core activating exercises for yourself. I just feel like exercise guides come across so much better on YouTube, do you agree or would you like me to do guides here on the blog as well with pictures and text? Let me know in the comments below if you have an opinion on that :)

Due to my background in physiotherapy and years of experience, I am considered an expert in corrective exercises. I estimate that 90% of my personal training clients have some type of musculoskeletal problem they’re seeking to fix – along with getting in the best shape of their lives!

In this video, I show you three of my absolute favorite foundation exercises that most of my clients have been through at one time or another. Most of my postnatal clients or my clients with disc problems or unspecified back pain start with these types of exercises and later advance to more challenging variations as their strength and neuromuscular control improves. As this video is Episode 1 out of 3 I am starting with the lowest level, and in Episode 2 & Episode 3 we will progressively increase the difficulty of the exercises.

I’ve chosen these three supine deep core exercises for this video because they are very safe for most people, whether you’re looking for a postnatal core workout to reduce diastasis recti or deep core exercises to activate your deep core and pelvic floor to reduce back pain.

The three deep core exercises in this video are low-impact transverse abdominis exercises (+ activating m. multifidi and your pelvic floor) helping you correct your posture, give you a tight waist (the deep core muscles work as a natural corset around your waist, holding in your organs) and correct diastasis recti (abdominal separation postpartum)

It is a no-crunch workout and as mentioned all three exercises are completely safe even for people with back pain or for new moms within hours or days postpartum (try a few reps and see how it feels – if you feel good doing them, you’re good to go!)

Until episodes 2 & 3 of this video series are up, you can also check out this blog where I talk specifically about deep core exercises to reduce diastasis recti.

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