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WHAT A WEEK! | Life Update

I haven’t been very active on social media because I’m dealing with too much right now! Basically my laptop has decided to give up on life TWO WEEKS before I go to Denmark to buy a new one (YES I’m coming home for four short days at end of September) and as if that wasn’t enough my beautiful apartment is super humid and filled with mold because of a faulty A/C pipe… Dubai problems…

Despite living out of a suitcase yet again, I am staying on track with my workouts 100%! When it comes to my diet that’s a bit more challenging as I don’t have full control over what I eat when living at my boyfriend’s parents’ house. I’m doing my best to eat mostly healthy, but doing IIFYM and tracking of everything I eat has been made quite difficult as I left kitchen scale behind at home (and I don’t want to take over the fridge with all my food).

By the way, why is it that every time I plan on doing a food challenge or be on a healthy diet, something happens so it becomes practically impossible?

Anyways, I was down 1,4 kg. this weekend and I really felt so much leaner and stronger, so I’m just planning on sticking with my training as I’ve been doing up until now and then the diet will have to be the best it can be, but without tracking until I can move back home.

I’m waiting for the A/C to be fixed and aaaaall the mold to be killed, and it’s a lot of work so it’ll take a few more days. Currently, the plan is that I can move back home on Tuesday evening. And by October 1st I should have a new laptop and be able to edit full-length YouTube videos again! Until then I’ll do my best to film a few sort ones that I can edit on my phone, so you should hear from me again soon.

I just wanted to come on here and give you a quick life update and let you know I’m not skipping the weekly blogs and YouTube videos because I want to, but things are a bit out of control currently. I’m just trying to hang on and pray that everything will be alright in the end, but until everything is fixed I hope you will be patient with me. And as always your ideas for future blogs and/or YouTube videos are always welcome! Comment down below or shoot me an email with your suggestions!


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