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Having a list of good workout songs is one of THE MOST important things for a good workout in my opinion.

Are you one of those people who can work out without music? LOL, yea, me neither. That’s why I always carry an extra set of headphones in my workout bag so I have a backup in case AirPods should decide to run out of battery.

Are you sometimes struggling to motivate yourself to work out because you’re sick of the songs on your own gym playlist? Or are you simply looking for some new beats to push yourself to set a new PB?

Sometimes, getting motivated to exercise can be harder than the workout itself. So you make a dope playlist of all your favorite workout songs to get yourself motivated. However, after a while, even the best song gets old and you need constantly add some fresh new tunes to hype you up for the next PB. With that in mind, I decided to help you out! So I’ve created a public playlist rounding up my favorite workout tracks including everything from old school pop-rock tracks to fresh new remixes. I mainly use this playlist for strength training as I always do cardio while watching YouTube videos, but sometimes I also put the tunes on for running and power walking outside. On the list, you’ll find tunes you already know, but I’m sure you’ll also come across some new favorites! The best part is: I’ll continue to update the playlist throughout the months!

No matter what, a fresh new mix of workout songs always brings fresh motivation! It’s proven that music with a strong beat boots performance, try it out for yourself and feel the effect of great workout music in the gym!

On my new public Spotify playlist “Amanda Louise Fit’s Workout Mix” I’ve collected all of my favorite workout songs in this Spotify playlist. Check it out (and subscribe!) if you want to boost your performance and motivation by listening to my favorite workout songs when you hit the gym!


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