Fit February Week 3 | Progress Update, Plans & A Haircut!

Fit February Week 4 | Progress Update, Diet & Workout Plan

Fit February is into its fourth and last week. That means it’s time for the third update!

I have been losing weight steadily every week, but it’s been a bit slow. -100 g. the first week and -500 g. the second week. I’ve been working really hard the whole month, and I know what I’m doing is what I need to do to lose the weight. My body has been a bit stubborn in the initial weeks, but I didn’t want to cut calories to drastically or increase my training further. It won’t be sustainable for me, and first of all, I want to have enough time and energy for my work. And based on years of experience and how I feel, I know I’m in a deficit and that my body will eventually come around.

I moved my weigh-in to Friday this week. I was happy to see 78,8 kg. on the scale on Friday morning! Finally below 79 kg. and 1,5 kg. weight loss total for these past 3 weeks. Still 1,7 kg. away from my goal for the month, but even if I don’t reach that number in 4 weeks I’m still going to be satisfied with -0,5 kg. per week on average. That said, with only 1 more week to go, I would love to be below 78 kg. by next week.!

My #FitFeb Challenge in Pictures:

Diet Plan – Week 4:

Not much has changed about my diet for the final week.

  • My diet is pescetarian (I eat seafood, dairy, and eggs but no meat)
  • My meal deliveries** are at 1700 calories/day divided into 5 meals + a vegan protein shake and 3 g. L-glutamine after every workout.
  • I will be fasting from dinner (usually between 8-10pm) until 10 am the next day.


Total calories: 1700
Carbs: 30% – 128 grams per day
Proteins: 40% – 170 grams per day
Fats: 30% – 57 grams per day

On workout days, on top of the above mentioned, I have my protein shake. It’s providing me with an additional 102 calories divided into 24 g. of protein, 0,5 g. of carbs and 0,3 g. of fats.

**Sunday-Thursday my meals are prepared and delivered by 77 Veggie. It makes eating the right foods during the busy work week so much easier! If you want to try it for yourself use my code “77VEGGIE5%AMANDA” for 5% off on your monthly meal plan!

Workout Plan – Week 4:

Almost all my workouts for Fit February Week 3 was completed as planned! I went to donate blood on Thursday, so skipped my Thursday leg workout. Instead I did light legs on Friday instead and squeezed shoulders + abs together on Saturday. I feel like something always comes up during the week. Even if you have a great plan tailored to how your week usually looks. When something happens it’s important to just look at what you CAN do, and then do it. Don’t worry so much about the details and don’t feel bad that you didn’t follow the plan exactly, just do the best you can!

The workout plan for the 4t and final week looks as follows:

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ navnetraek_sort

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