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Glute Gains Guaranteed! | Workout To Target Your Badonkadonk

If you’re looking for glute gains you HAVE TO try this workout I did yesterday morning.

I didn’t think much of it as it was just a quick 45 min. gym sesh… Then I went on with my day that consisted of breakfast with my boyfriend and spending the afternoon on a yacht. Literally didn’t give the workout I did much though… Until this morning!
Getting out of bed was painful, and every step I’m taking reminds me of that workout!

I did share it on my Instagram @amandalouisefitness, but if you didn’t watch my story, I wanted to give you another chance to write this one down and try it out for yourself. We all struggle to find the best workouts for glute gains, so when I hit a jackpot I want to share it with all of you!

Personally, I always try to develop workouts that target my glutes rather than my legs. I have naturally big, muscular legs so I’m not really interested in training them more. It’s not that I completely avoid training them of course, I like being and feeling strong. But my main focus is and have always been to develop a round, well-shaped backside. I train for Glute Gains.

You will need at booty builder (this is what I used) or a booty band for full effect. If you don’t already have one, I can recommend mine from MissFit.
When ordering, use my code “AL5” for a 5% discount!

Now, let’s get into the details of this amazing booty workout…

The Glute Gains Workout:

Give it a try and leave a comment on what you think of it! I know I’ll add this workout to my arsenal of staple glute workouts!

If you have a specific goal you’d like to reach, I offer personalized online coaching.

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