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The 5 most popular blogs ever on my site are all fitness and nutrition related. They’re all fun to look back at for me, and they still make it to the most read blog list every month to this day! Since New Years is right around the corner I thought it’d be fun to share the 5 most popular blogs of all time with you!

Unfortunately for some readers, all 5 blogs are in Danish. My English-speaking readers can use the translate-function at the top right corner of your browser!

Most Popular Blogs Top 5:

1: Exercises for Tight and Weak Hip Flexors

Number 1 on the list is an older blog from 2015 about exercises for tight and weak hip flexors that many have found useful over the years. I’m thinking about making a translated version so my English-speaking readers can benefit from that one as well! It has over 17.000 unique views at this point and is by far my most read blog ever.

2: Ketosis

On second place is this post from March 2016, where I evaluate how I feel after my 1st week on a ketogenic diet. I have mixed feelings about this post being in second place, as it’s so far from how I personally eat now. And for many reasons I don’t recommend ketosis to my clients as a first choice. However, I believe any type of diet can work and help you reach your goals, as long as it fits a persons lifestyle and preferences. I still stand by everything I said in that blog and it was a fun experiment!

3: Fitness Competitions Q&A

This is a fun one! Even though this was an experience I had a long time ago and many things have changed since this blog is still in the Top 3 over most popular blogs. And for good reason! It’s a good overview of some of the things to take into consideration when considering competing in Bikini Fitness.

4: Easy-To-Make Protein Pancakes (Without Protein Powder)

This recipe is so simple and has been a popular one since I posted it back in 2015.
So easy to make with basic ingredients and they always turn out perfect. I really need to make those pancakes again soon!

5: My Best Tips For Bootybuilding

In this popular blog from 2014, I share my Top 4 tips for bootybuilding. I also share the before and after pictures from my personal journey between 2011 and 2014. Maybe it’s time to do a revised 2014 version of this popular blog from way back when I was still new in the industry.


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