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Life Update | Spending the Holidays in Denmark

It’s life update time!

These past weeks have been dragging so much because I was super excited to go back to Denmark for the Holidays! I’ve actually been looking forward to experiencing the cold and the dark for a weeks time before I fly back home to the desert in time for New Years!

Nobody is perfect

I’m going to be completely honest with you in this life update, even though I’m not very happy with how the past months and weeks have been.

First, I have been working as much as possible leading up to my trip, to ensure my clients reach their goals for 2018!
To be honest with you, I haven’t been to the gym myself for about two weeks. It’s an insanely long time for me to stay out of the gym and I’m not proud of it.

But I do have my reasons.

Life Update: Pain & Exhaustion

First, I was debilitated by excruciating back pain a few months ago. I continued to work despite the pain, which resulted in extreme fatigue. Being in pain makes you incredibly tired. I’m sure anyone who suffers from chronic pain can agree. I had to slow down my training a lot and I still feel some irritation and pain from time to time.
Then, at the beginning of December, I went to a 4-day wedding in India. An amazing experience but also pretty hectic with very little sleep!

Sure enough, shortly after I came back, I caught a cold. AND started having severe pain and swelling from a stupid wisdom tooth. I guess bad thing come in 3’s. So I should be good from now ;)

Overall, I figured it was a good time for me to take a break from the gym. This has freed up enough time t properly focus on my personal training clients and getting things in order. I have had a chance to declutter my apartment (taking it one step at a time though, nowhere near done with that!), setting goals for the new year and making a budget for 2019, amongst other things.

Time to grow up!

I turn 29 in a few weeks, and I’m starting to realize it might be time to grow up… It’s not all about squats and deadlift anymore! (Even though fitness will always have a special place in my life). One of my goals for 2018 was to become debt free (apart from my student loans) and I’m so happy to have been successful in reaching that. Now I can focus on the next step: Starting to save for the future! More on that in a later blog post ;)



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