My 10-Week Challenge | Week 4 Status

My 10-Week Challenge | Take Action Now | Status Week 5

“When life slows down.”

“When I have less work.”

“When I’m less tired.”

“When I’m older.”

“When I feel more motivated.”

All these reasons I had to not try and get back in shape right now. To wait a few more months or years. Reasons to wait for the right moment so I would be 100% ready and not risk failure. But I didn’t wait. I knew that there’s never a right time to be ready, and if I want something I have to just go for it now. Do my best with what I have and see how far it takes me. So I booked an appointment and set a date and a goal. Now I’m halfway there. Nowhere near where I planned to be. Am I a failure?

If you’re just looking at how far I’ve come and how far I still have to go and how realistic it is to achieve the goal at this point. Maybe.

After 5 weeks (09.11.18): 78,8 kg.

After 4 weeks (02.11.18): 79,2 kg.

My weight has crept down from 81,2 kg. to 78,8 kg. this morning. But that all happened in the first week. I’ve been pretty much stagnant since then, but you know what? Taking messy action towards something is better than no action at all. I did drop 2,4 kg. and managed to keep them off for over a month. And I will proceed and fight and work hard until I succeed. The early mornings and late evenings and long days on the roads will not make me forget the desire burning inside me. On the 20th of December I’ll proudly do my photoshoot with the physique I’ll have at that time and I’ll be proud of what I’ve achieved.

As late as today I was exhausted after training 5 clients back-to-back. I had a 4-hour break ahead before I would have to be with my last client in the evening, and every cell in my brain and body was begging to just go home and take a long nap. It took a lot of willpower to pull up to the gym and go in. I went to the bike to do my 10 minutes warm-up and told myself that after that if I was still not feeling it, I could go home.

After the warm-up, I still didn’t feel like lifting any weights. But I was doing alright on the bike so I decided to do 30 minutes, then 40, then 1 hour. Then, I went home.

If I hadn’t had this goal and this project in mind, today’s gym sesh wouldn’t have happened at all. So maybe I’m not doing “whatever it takes” but I’m listening to my body and my mind, pushing myself and doing my personal best at this particular time in my life.

And this approach might not get you a gold medal, but it’ll make you feel pretty good and allow you to focus not only on your physical appearance but also on your work, your school, your family, your mental health or whatever it is that you have in your life, that you need to pay attention to.

Don’t be afraid to take messy action towards your goals and desires. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and as long as you believe in yourself enough to never give up and turn around, you will eventually reach your final destination. So start walking.


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