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Being vegan during the week is opening my eyes to how amazing I feel when I’m only eating nutritious, plant-based meals.

Even though I’m not (yet) fully vegan, I eat almost entirely vegan during the week. On the weekends I do enjoy a bit of fish, eggs, and dairy. I mainly choose animal-based options for the convenience of it, as I don’t want to be too restricted when it comes to going for dinner with friends and family.  And I’m not yet ready to give up cheese even though my meals from 77 Veggie* are so tasty I’m not really missing regular cheese anymore. That’s a big one for me! Read my post about being pescatarian here. Giving up red meat and poultry has been the easiest thing ever. It’s been such a natural thing for me not to eat meat anymore.
My boyfriend is pescetarian too, so it’s easy for us to agree on where we go out and what we eat. I have even started making vegan pancakes for us (him) every Saturday morning instead of the eggs & dairy based ones I used to make before! I honestly thought the transition would be more difficult, but it’s been so enjoyable and I’m loving my diet at the moment. It makes me feel good to know my dietary choices have less of a negative impact on the environment than before.

I don’t preach veganism, vegetarianism or any other dietary choices, as I think diet is personal and whatever you choose has to come from within because it feels right for you. That being said, I do love to share how much I’m enjoying a plant-based diet and show you that it doesn’t have to be boring or flavorless!

So what and how much am I eating now?
As you might know, I’m currently doing a 10-week fitness challenge to get in shape for a photo shoot in December. Because of that, my diet is more strict than usual and I stick to 1700 calories 6 days per week. On the 7th day, I don’t count calories and allow myself a treat or two.

How I Eat On a Typical Day:

06:00 AM: First Things First
I start my days early. However, I am not and will never be one of those people who likes to wake up early and jumps out of bed. I like to stay up late and sleep in. Despite that, I usually wake up between 05:00 and 06:30 AM to go meet my first clients on time. Because of that, the first thing I have in the morning is a cup of coffee, with a dash of unsweetened almond milk. I mix 3 g. of L-glutamine in a 0,5 l. bottle of water, and drink that on my way to work. I’ve found that it decreases my recovery time a lot!

One day I would love to cut out coffee and caffeine from my diet, but that will be the day I no longer have to wake up before sunrise and not a minute sooner! I have to be realistic and make my life tolerable ;)

8:30 AM: Giving My Digestion An Easy Start
About 2 hours after waking up I have a juice. What kind of juice changes daily, but most often it contains either green tea, lemon or apple cider vinegar among other nutritious and detoxifying ingredients. The juice gives my digestive system a gentle start to the day. Of course, it would have been best if I didn’t start with a coffee in the early morning but, as I said… I’m not a morning person and there’s no way I can talk to people before 8 AM without first having a cuppa java. Under any circumstances I enjoy sticking to liquids for the first few hours of my day, it makes me feel light and energized in the morning and it good to always know that I begin my day being well hydrated!

10:30 AM: Breakfast
My breakfast changes every day and it can be different types of gluten-free high protein wraps with lots of veggies, overnight oats or chia pudding, pancakes or gluten-free vegan sandwiches. This meal changes a lot and its always incredibly delicious!

12 PM: Morning Snack
Around midday, I will have my morning snack. It can be anything from vegan sushi or vegan mini burgers to a small salad.

3 PM: Lunch Time
I try to eat my lunch as late as possible. My days are quite long (usually I work 15 hour days) and I don’t want to finish my meals too fast. Lunch is usually some type of salad or vegetable dish paired with plenty of lentils and legumes.

5 PM: Evening Snack
My evening snack is often something sweet like vegan energy balls or vegan cake! It’s always a quite small meal, just to keep me going until dinner.

7-9PM: Dinner
When I have my dinner depends on how hungry and busy I am. I prefer to eat right before bed as I sleep better with a full belly, but that’s just a personal preference. Sometimes I feel fine to wait until I’m home in the evening, and other days I’m just too hungry so I’ll eat it before my last client who usually trains at 07:30 PM.

Intra/Post Workout:
On a training day, I’ll sip on BCAA‘s during my workout and within 1 hour after finishing my session I’ll have a post workout meal made from 40 g. of rolled oats, 20 g. vegan protein powder, 1 dl. unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, 1 banana and 3 g. of L-Glutamine.

Before I started having my meals delivered I would make them myself, usually by doing a big meal prep once per week. Back then I would try to stick to 3-4 main meals because it’s so much easier to prep 3 daily meals compared to 6. I love that 77 Veggie* takes the stress of meal prepping off my shoulders and all I have to do now is eat the food. When you’re a busy woman working long days, there’s nothing better than knowing you’re giving your body the best food and not having to worry about a thing!

If you’re based in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and you’d also like to live a more stress-free life and have delicious vegan food delivered to your door every day, use my code “77VEGGIE5%AMANDA” for 5% off your meal plan from 77 Veggie*.

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