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My 10 Week Challenge | Week 1 Status & Priorities

If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you probably already know about my 10 Week Challenge to become a fitter and heathier version of myself, despite having a cra-aaazy busy work schedule. This first week I wanted to work as hard as possible, but unfortunately, I had caught a cold AND was working 15 hour days so, at the end of the week, I chose to skip my planned glute session and just focus on resting.

That meant I only did two 40-45 minute workouts and a 30-minute recovery walk last week… Not an ideal start to the challenge, but that’s life and it’s not going to make me give up! Instead of creating a caloric deficit by working out, I had to be very strict with my diet and let my diet plan from 77 Veggie prove it’s worth!

The result:

After 1 week (12.10.18): 78,7 kg.

Compared to the picture from the first day, the difference isn’t massive, but I’m happy with my progress so far.

Day 1 (07.10.18): 81,2 kg.

After too many years of pushing too hard in the gym and not letting my body rest when it asked for it, I know first hand how important it is to listen to your body. If you’re busy with work, motherhood or whatever takes up your time, you have to prioritize your time carefully! Below is a simple list that shows how I prioritize the basic needs that make a difference when you’re trying to be healthy and get in shape. I make sure I meet the most important needs first before I worry about the next step!

My List of Priorities:

1: Sleep
2: Diet
3: Exercise
4: Supplementation

If you’re struggling with your weight and have high stress levels (as most of us busy people do), focusing on exercise and supplementation won’t solve the issue. Instead, it will make no difference or, worst case, make everything worse as you’ll stress out and fatigue your body even more.

The saying “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet” is true, but it’s also true that you can’t out-exercise or supplement your way out of a lack of sleep and rest! So get your fundamental need for sleep met first, and then direct your attention to your diet. Clean it up and make sure you nourish your body in every meal. I’m not saying sugar and precessed foods are evil, but if you’re under a lot of pressure, you should treat your brain and body like a high performing athlete would. Because that’s what you are, in your own way.

And I promise you, If you’re feeling stressed out and like you don’t have enough hours in the day, getting those two factors in check will change how you look and feel, dramatically!

Anyways, that’s how I approach challenging times. I followed my diet, did my 2 short workouts and a 30-minute walk, worked my ass off with my PT clients and went home to sleep at every chance I had. The result is -2,5 kg. on the scale after the first week.
Something I’m incredibly happy with! Especially because I had a bikini photoshoot booked on Saturday morning, that I wanted to look my best for. I think I nailed it, and I’m happy with how the pictures turned out. Fit and curvy!

The pictures are unedited  and taken by photographer Jan Teller


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