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The Best Glute Workout & HIIT Cardio For Bad Knees

On Wednesday I started experiencing really bad pain in my left knee. I usually don’t have knee pain, but I must have made a wrong move because it was really bad and I struggled walking up and down stairs.

In the evening I suddenly had a chance to do a 30-minute workout, and since I was going to be traveling the next day, I really wanted to get a good glute workout in. And I wasn’t going to let the knee pain stop me! So I designed this 30-minute circuit workout that has an amazing booty pump and sends my heart rate sky high.

If you’re suffering from bad knees but you still want to give your booty a nice pump, this workout is for you!

A: Circuit

A1: Cable pull through x 15
A2: Band glute bridge x 20
A3: Band glute bridge hold + knee press outs x 20
A4:  Band alternating side steps x 20

3 rounds, no rest between rounds

B: Standing band kickbacks 3×15 each leg

C: Incline Intervals

Set treadmill to 15% incline and start at 5,5 km/h.

  • 10 rounds:
    Walk 50 sec., jump off and rest 10 sec.

Increase speed by 0,2 km/h every 2 min.

My Booty Builder is from MissFit. Use my code AL5 for 5% off! (adlink)

Let me know if you liked this workout. I’d love to do more videos like this if you find them helpful. Just give me a thumbs up or leave a comment!


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