Post Natal Training Plan - Phase 1

No Need To Kill Yourself In The Gym | Take It Easy And GET FIT

If you asked me to choose one single healthy habit or training style that changed my health and appearance the most, it would be walking! Yes, walking. Weights are great too, but everything I know about training and how my life has transformed started with the decision to go for a walk…
Back when I was too sick to run or go to the gym, I made the choice to go out for a 20-minute walk every day.

In the beginning, it took a lot of willpower, but little y little it became a habit. That small habit gradually made me want to eat healthier and, eventually, I began walking to the gym during the day, when it was nice and quiet. At the gym, I would do a bit of cardio or a weight session and then walk back home. Very light, and everything I did was just done with the intention to take care of myself by boosting my mood and reducing my anxiety.

What I know now is, that this strategy I invented for myself has shown a very high success rate in terms of achieving and maintaining a weight loss or a healthier lifestyle, compared to most other approaches to getting in shape. Drastically trying to change all your habits and going from “fat to fit” from one day to the next will, almost always, backfire.

Walking sounds so effortless that many people choose not to do it. We are conditioned to think that you have to be almost dead in the gym, for a workout to have been effective. That couldn’t be further from the truth and it pains me that so many people end up doing nothing when they would benefit greatly by doing something as easy and effortless as walking for 20 minutes! Going for regular walks WILL get you amazing results, and it really is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your health. A great way to start, if you’re looking for a way to improve your well-being. That’s why walking is the number one exercise I recommend my clients to do when they ask if they should do any training outside of our planned personal training sessions.

Other benefits are:

  1. Improved insulin sensitivity resulting in less belly fat
  2. Boosts your mood and calms your central nervous system, making you less anxious, more relaxed and happier
  3. Regular walks (30 minutes or more 5 days per week) lowers your overall risk for developing chronic diseases such as diabetes & cardiovascular diseases
  4. Your gastric mobility (how fast the food you ingest travels through your system) improves a lot from walking, so if you’re struggling with feeling bloated and constipated, a brisk 20-30 minute morning walk should do the trick!
  5. Lowers your risk of developing various veins on your legs as you get older, and if you already suffer from them, daily walking can help decrease associated swelling and restlessness in your legs

I hope you found this blog useful and maybe you even learned something new. Do you still consider it a waste of time?
I’d love it if you would comment below and let me know what you think!

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