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A Life Update

Today I’m bringing something a little different to the blog: A life update.

I used to always blog about myself and my life when I first started the blog 6 years ago, but since relaunching the blog and going on a posting schedule, the blog has been more about sharing my knowledge and what I experience here in Dubai and less about ME.

I want to share my day to day to day life with you guys like I did back in the good ol’ days. When I read other blogs, I feel that what makes a blog interesting is when the blogger is being vulnerable and shares stories, experiences and moments with me. Those “me too” moments that makes me relate and connect to the other person. So today I thought I would bring you a life update. I love reading those posts from other bloggers so I thought I would share one, too.

Major Life Change
First, I want to let you know that there has been a major change my life recently, but I’m going to be a bit of a downer… Because it’s not something (or someone) I feel comfortable sharing on the blog yet. However, I do want you to know that I’m very happy and haven’t felt this safe and supported before. It’s taken me a few years to get this right, and I’m feeling optimistic that I’m finally in the right place at the right time. Time will tell, fingers are crossed :)

I’m Going Home!
For the first time in a long time, I’ve experienced homesickness. I really miss the cold wind, darkness and the rain. I miss wearing jackets, boots, and scarfs. Since when did fall become a season I crave?! Thank God I’m going home this weekend! I’ll be in Denmark for a few days, visiting friends and family. It’s my brothers 18th birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate him and see my whole family again. I’m also really excited to leave the heat of Dubai for a short while. I didn’t know “summer depression” was a thing, until experienced my third the summer here. It’s simply just too hot! Funny how we always want what we don’t have, isn’t it?

Thankfully the temperature here in the Emirates is starting to drop as September is coming to an end, and I have a feeling that soon we can enjoy the outdoors again! I’m looking forward to a winter full of weekends on the beach, cardio outside and training clients in the sun.

Building My Empire
After almost 2 years of being fully focused on personal training, allowing my online coaching, the blog and social media to take a backseat, I’m now devoting much more time to my online community.  I love helping people face to face, but I can only be one place at a time and I feel like I can influence more souls with my coaching and approach to a healthy and happy life, if I invest more of my time to my online coaching, so I’ve started accepting more online clients again. My goal is to work 50/50 with personal training and fitness influencing/online coaching by the summer of 2019. So that’s what I’m currently working on.

A New Project
When I get back to Dubai, I’m starting on a new, exciting fitness project. I’m going to complete a 10-week transformation and I’m going to take you with me on the journey! I’ll keep you updated through the blog, Instagram and Youtube. Hoping to do at least one vlog every two weeks, showing my day-to-day life and connecting with you through video instead of just words. I’m so excited to share things in a way I’ve never done before. The project is going to be an “if I can do it, so can you” type of thing, where I’ll be sharing my skills and techniques on how to reach your fitness goals despite living a hectic lifestyle. Considering I am extremely busy with 12-15 hour work days 6 days per week, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks over the years and now it’s going to benefit you :)

I’m determined to reach my goal and I’ve already booked a shoot with an amazing photographer at the end of the 10 weeks, so there’s a clear finish line which is what I need to do my best.

I will be eating my vegan meals from 77 Veggie 5 days per week, have one weekly “cheat day” away from my diet and I’ll be doing cardio 6 days per week and lift weights 5 days per week. But much more info about that when I’m back from my trip and ready to go. The first day is going to be Sunday, October 7th.

What have you been up to recently?



  • Haitham

    useful advice Amanda since i am travelling myself today heading towards portugal

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Amanda Louise

      Thank you! I’m really happy you found it useful! Safe travels!

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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