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Am I going vegan? | 7 Day VEGAN Challenge

If you’re following me on social media, you might already know that I’m doing a 7 day vegan challenge this week (from sunday to saturday). I’m planning to transition into being pescetarian (cutting out meat and poultry, but still eating fish, dairy and eggs) from around Septemer 1st, but before then, I’m doing this challenge. Mainly because I’m just curious to try being fully vegan for a limited time period. And I feel like it will make the transition to pescetarian feel like a walk in the park. It’s much easier to just cut out meat and poultry, compared to also cutting out fish, eggs and dairy.

My reasons for wanting to go vegetarian are spiritual more than anything else.

I don’t believe in restrictive eating in any form, unless you have a medical reason to avoid certain foods.
I personally feel healthy eating a varied diet and have no digestive issues whatsoever when eating meat, dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine or anything else I can think of… I do have a pollen allergy, and if I sense a difference in my reactions to pollen I will let you know.

Remember, what is right for me may not be right for you and vice versa. We are all different, and I support a nuanced approach to what a good diet is.
I also strongly dislike vegan & vegetrian propaganda and have never watched “any of those” documentaries. I don’t believe in shaming or blaming.
I don’t think cutting out certain food groups is a good way to loose weight and I don’t promote veganism (or any other restrictive type of diet) as the first choice for weight loss. If you feel like you need to loose weight and become healthier, I suggest looking at your activity level and develop a good and relaxed relationship with food. Only then can you begin making small adjustments to your food intake and increasing energy expensiture on a daily/weekly basis. If you want me to, I’d love to write a blog on this weightloss approach in the future. Let me know in the comments.


Ever since I did my yoga teacher training a little over a year ago, it’s been more and more clear to me that I will one day become vegan or at least vegetarian… At the ashram we ate a vegan diet for 2 weeks, and it was a massive change from how I used to eat. I struggled so much I snuck out to buy eggs and yoghurt a few times, haha! But even with a few cheats, I felt a big shift in my mental state. At the time I was actually going through something emotionally, but I felt so strong and it was clear to me (maybe for the first time ever) that everything was going to be OK.
Since returning to Dubai, I have gradually reduced my meat consumption, and unless I’m going out to eat or have food delivered, I rarely eat red meat or poultry any more.

However, going completely plant based it’s a big step for me, and I’m not ready for that yet. I don’t like the thought of being so restrictive with my diet over the long term. So last week I decided to try going vegan for just 3 days. And while I was at it, I cut out all caffeine, too. And, to my surprise, it was really easy.

Yes, I missed my cheese and coffee, but those were the only things I really struggled without. So, I thought, if I could manage 3 days that easily, why not try for a week! I’ve decided to reintroduce my beloved coffee though, because most days I wake up at 5:30 am and that’s just not possible unless I have coffee in my life.

Like I said, I want to go vegan or vegetarian for spiritual reasons more than anything. I am on this spiritual journey, that the more I embrace the principles, the more happiness I feel. I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually end up being mainly vegan, but occasionally not. Keeping room for flexibility is important to me. Food should never be about blame and restrictions, it should always be about nourishment and enjoyment.
I’m most likely going to write a blog about the spiritualit reasons behind my decisions cut out meat. If you’d like to read such a blog, please let me know in the comments so I know you’re interested!

Until then, I hope you’ll check back in with me on Sunday when I’ll let you know how my 7 day vegan challenge went!

This beautiful bowl of quinoa, pumpkin and a tomatillo salsa topped with roasted almonds is completely vegan and absolutely delish!

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  • Ser rigtig godt ud. Jeg har lige lagt en vegansk opskrift op med avocado og bagte kartofler. Skulle lige prøve den veganske stil i går.

    Sejt du prøver det.

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Amanda Louise

      Hej Christine

      Tak for din kommentar! Det lyder virkelig lækkert med avocado og bagte kartofler, den opskrift må jeg vist hellere få afprøvet. Tak for inspirationen!

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar


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