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My Flight Skincare Routine

Even though I’m waaaay past my teenage years, I still get breakouts. My skin is simultaneously dry AND acne prone, with enlarged pores and an oily T-zone (but I get breakouts all over), so it needs a lot of care and attention to be balanced and not feel dry or break out.

It’s super sensitive to the dry air on planes, and I’ve had to develop a good skincare regimen for when I travel to avoid getting bad breakouts for days and weeks after flying.

On this trip my skin will have to endure a 16-hour flight from Dubai to Los Angeles and back again, so I changed it up a little from my usual routine, to give my skin even more protection against the dry air on the plane. I have a routine I go through every time I fly, and it’s proved to be very effective to limit my breakouts. The products I use are perfect for the plane as my routine can be done right in my seat, without having to go to the rest room to wash my face.

Usually, I wear light make up to the airport and when I board the plane.
Once the planes takes off, I use facial cleansing wipes to remove any make up and let my skin breathe.

If I go on a shorter flight (up to 7 hours), I like to use Pudderdåsernes T-zone peeling under a simple moisturizer (my current favorite is Cliniques Moisture Surge) to keep my skin fresh and hydrated and allow it to breathe.

For longer flights, like this one to Los Angeles, I use a facial oil that I reapply 2-3 times during the flight. I like using different facial oils, but for this trip I’m using Juhldals Face and Body Oil.

For my lips I use a rich, moisturizing lip balm like the one from Caramex.

About 1 hour before landing I cleanse my skin once again, apply a good moisturizer (if I land during the daytime I choose one with SPF 50 like Sublimage La Protection UV SPF 50 from Chanel) and reapply my make-up.

I also always bring a hairbrush and toothbrush + toothpaste so I can walk off the plane feeling and looking fresh.

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