My Flight Skincare Routine

18 min. Hotel Gym Upper Body Workout

I like to stay active when I’m traveling. If I don’t move for a week or more (and eat lots of delicious food) I don’t feel like myself anymore. As humans we are creatures of habit, and even though I don’t stress about hitting the gym every day, I just feel better if I go.

On this trip we’ve been moving around a lot and we’ve had a few days with 6-8 hours of driving. I’m not usually a huge snacker but on a loooong drive like that, it’s diffucult to find proper food and I just can’t help but snack a lot. I try to choose fruit, cheese sticks and semi-healthy salty snacks, but let’s face it: I’m eating waaaaay more calories than I’m burning.

One night we didn’t reach our hotel until 8.30 pm. after a whole day of driving from LA to a place in Arizona called Lake Havasu… My friend and I were ready to call it a night, but then we walked by the tiny hotel gym.

It had nothing but a treadmill, a crosstrainer and a selection of dumbbells. It’s not optimal and we were super tired, but it’s in situations like these where you can gain so much momentum by just doing SOMETHING. We decided to do a super quick upper body and cardio workout in the tiny hotel gym.

We started with 5 min. cardio as a warm up, and then we began the 18 minute workout:

3 rounds:

– 3 min. treadmill5,5% incline & 6 km/h or crosstrainer lvl. 10-12
– 20 DB chest press
– 20 DB bent-over-rows
– 20 DB shoulder presses
– 20 DB bent-over rear del fly’s

Next time you find yourself tired, short on time or with limited equipment, try to give this workout a go!
And please, a attention to how great you feel after. I promise it’ll be worth it.


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