What a week!

The Glute Workout that made me sore for 3 days!


A few days ago I did a quick glute workout between clients. In the description below it looks short and simple, but don’t let it fool you! I haven’t been able to sit down since I did this workout! The soreness came that same evening and has lasted for now 3 days. I always get a bit sore after working glutes, but nothing have felt like this for a while…

Workout breakdown:

Warm up: 15 min. incline treadmill walk & 3 sets of sumo deadlifts w. increasing weight

A: Sumo deadlift 3×6 @ 75 kg.
B: Hip thrusts 3×10 3×6 @ 75 kg.

C1: Jump lunges 3×20 (bodyweight)
C2: Band squat 3×20 (bodyweight)

(Video is in double speed)

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What a week!