Law of Attraction 101: How it works and how it started for me

My Diet & Workout Plan to prepare for LA & Vegas | Week 2

Second week of my “prep” is done, and even though it hasn’t been perfect by any means, the result is a 800 g. weight loss!

I’ve been going out a bit for drinks and dinner, working like crazy and only made it to the gym once during the week, but by listening to my bodys signals and only eating until I’m not hungry any more, I still achieved my desired results! I feel like no matter what I eat, my body still wants to reach my desired weight and physique goals and I’m so down with that! :)

My weight was 76,8 on Friday morning, the lowest I’ve been since I moved to Dubai 2 years ago! (by the way, it’s my 2 year Dubai anniversary in 2 days, yay!)

I did my squat workout early in the week, my bench workout yesterday was changed to just upper body as the bench wasn’t free, and today I’m going in for my deadlifts. So I’ll still manage to complete all my 3 sessions this week!

I went out for dinner and drinks again yesterday so my head is feeling a bit heavy today, but nothing a cup of coffee and some pre workout can’t fix ;)

I’ve lost almost 10 kg. since my highest weight in september last yar, and people are starting to ask me how I’m losing weight and what I’m eating.. I’m so happy tp be able to say I’m really just eating a bit less of everything. I’m trying to have at least 1-2 healthy, nutritious meals every day but other than that I eat anything I feel like in moderation. It feels like such a natural, healthy (in every way) of eating and I’m so happy to have reached a state of awareness where I can just FEEL if I’m hungry and if I feel like eating this particular thing or not.

I began intuitive eating in the beginning of 2017 and for a while I did gain weight because I was just eating with no awareness to my body’s signals… But I knew what I was doing was the right thing, and from September my weight has just been dropping steadily and I can kind of choose if I wan to maintain or if I want to lose a bit of weight. It’s truly and amazing feeling.


Day 1: Backsquat

Warm-up: 15 min. incline walk & 2-3 warm up sets before squats

A: Backsquat 3×8 @ 65% (60 kg.)

B: Bulgarian split squat 3×8 (15 kg.)

C: Bodyweight hip thrusts 3×15

Day 2: Upper Body

Warm-up: 10 min. incline walk

A1: DB Bench press 3×10 (12 kg)
A2: DB Bent over row (12 kg)

B1: DB Shoulder press 3×10-12 (10 kg)
B2: Front raises 3×10 (4 kg)
B3: Lateral raises 3×10 (4 kg)

C:  Face pulls 3×15
C2: Rope tricep extensions 3×15

Day 2: Deadlift

Warm-up: 45 min. incline walk & 2-3 warm up sets before deadlifts

A: Deadlift 3×8 @ 65% (80 kg.)

B: Weighted glute bridge 3×10 @ 100 kg.

C1: RDL 3×10 @ 40 kg.
C2: Band side walk 3×15 each way

D: Leg curl 3×10

In addition to this will do 2-3 hours of light yoga and maybe some additional cardio and core training if i feel like it.

And YES I have a big black eye… Was hit in the face by a surf board trying to ride the waves.
How long does it take for a black eye to go away, does anyone know?


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