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My Diet & Workout Plan to prepare for LA & Vegas | Week 1

I have this image in my mind of what I want to look like when I arrive in Los Angeles for the first time. It’s been my DREAM to go to LA since I can remember, and it’s one of my life goals to live there one day… Needless to say, I want to look amazing for this vacay!

So I decided to go all in on my diet and exercise regimen for the next 3 weeks. I began my diet on monday after arriving back in Dubai, and I’m so happy to have already lost 2 kg. despite not sleeping enough at all. Today I reached my lowest weight in more than 2 years, and my lowest weight ever while living in Dubai! The scale read 77,6 kg.this morning at 5:30 am after a night of very disrupted sleep so I’m very happy with that.

I started at 79,6 kg. on monday and my goal is to reach below 75 kg. before I leave for LA on July 9th. Almost half way there after just 4 days so I’m feeling confident it will be easy to do!

Hopefully I can catch up on my sleep this coming weekend so my body can rest and recover completely from a week of traveling, working long hours, dieting and working out.

I’m at a stage now where I’ve decided to once again embrace having to work really hard for what I want.
Honestly, for a while I’ve been extremely tired. I’m strong and I’ve shown my strength again and again in my life, but I came to a point where I just felt exhausted of having to always persevere and work so hard. But this attitude only led me to be miserable, and I started reading these amazing books about happiness which have changed my outlook on life. So instead of focusing on how hard I work, I focus on how amazingly succesful I am and how lucky I am to be able to fulfill my life’s purpose by helping people as a personal trainer and through my blog. Honestly, you guys and your messages and encouragements mean the world to me, and every time someone reaches out to me to tell me my work has helped them in some way, everything else makes sense. So thank you so so much for reading my blog and for reaching out. I love and


My nutrition is very loose, but I count macros and aim to stay below 1500 cals per day. It seems to work fine for me. I don’t have any foods I avoid, but I try to eat at least some high quality protein and vegetables or fruits every day.


I’m thinking of going back to more powerlifting and olympic lifting after returning from my LA trip, so my training during this time is focused on preparing my body to start lifting heavy again on the three big lifts: Backsquat, Deadlift and Bench Press!

My strength workouts are scheduled for 3 times this week:


Day 1: Backsquat

Warm-up: 45 min. incline walk & 2-3 warm up sets before squats

A: Backsquat 3×8 @ 60% (55 kg.)

B: Bulgarian split squat 3×8 (10 kg.)

C1: Machine hip abductions leaned back 3×10
C2: Machine hip abductions leaned forward 3×10
C3: Weighted back extensions 3×15

Day 2: Deadlift

Warm-up: 20 min. incline walk & 2-3 warm up sets before deadlifts

A: Deadlift 3×8 @ 60% (72,5 kg.)

B: Weighted glute bridge 3×10 @ 90 kg.

C: RDL @ 40 kg.

D: Lying leg curl 3×10

Day 3: Bench Press

Warm-up: 30 min. incline walk & 2-3 warm up sets before bench press

A: Bench press 3×8 @ 60% (30 kg.)

B: Barbell bent over rows 3×8-10

C: Arnold press 3×10

D1:  Face pulls 3×15
D2: Lateral raises

In addition to this will do 2-5 hours of light yoga and maybe some additional cardio and core training if i feel like it.


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