Day 9-13 | 2 Week Weightloss Challenge!

Day 14 | 2 Week Weightloss Challenge!

Morning weight: 79,8 kg.

Total weightloss: 1 kg.

Not exactly happy with my final result as I was aiming to get below 78 kg. during this challenge. Bt as discussed in yesterdays blog post, I hae been fortunate enough to be extremely busy with work and it has effected my sleep cycle (and therefore my energy for exercise) a lot.

I will adjust my ambitions to my current work schedule, but I will continue eating healthier and exercising as much as possible.

Food log:

Early morning: Coffee on my new Nespresso Citiz&Milk

BREAKFAST (10:30 am)
– 100 g. root veggies
– 100 g. spinach
– 100 g. salmon
– Ketchup


SNACK (12:30)
-More coffee (small skinny cappuccino)
– 1 cup fresh fruit
– 3 small chocolate chip protein pancakes


LUNCH (3:30 pm)

– 100 g. white fish
– 100 g. sweet potato
– 100 g. root vegetables
– 100 g. spinach


DINNER (7:30 pm)

Same as lunch

– 100 g. white fish
– 100 g. sweet potato
– 100 g. root vegetables
– 100 g. spinach

– 200 g. fresh pineapple



Fresh smoothie in my NutriBullet made from spinach, banana, pineapple, 1 dl. coconut water, 1 tsp spirulina, 1 tsp chlorella, 1 tsp ground flax seeds, 1 tsp liquid omega 3 & 5 drops liquid sweetener.


Workout log:

I felt incredibly tired and chose to focus on work. My only exercise was a 45 minute powerwalkwith my morning client at 8 am and some light yoga and stretching with my late morning client at 9:15 am.

Pushing and going hard is great, but I know my limits and sometimes it’s even more important to focus all your energy on one thing and get rest in between.


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