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Recipe: Blueberry Banana Protein Waffles


I woke up with a waflle-craving today and decided to make a healthier sugarfree version that’s also high in fibre and protein.

This recipe will make 7-8 waffles.



How to:

First, mash the banana in a bowl. Then add oats, protein powder, liquid sweetener, salt and eggs.
Mix well.

Heat up the waffle iron and when ready, spray the iron with the Coconut Spray Oil before pouring on the batter. Add a small handful of blueberries on top, before closing the waffle iron. Wait until slighty brown and trasfer to plate. Repaut until you have a stack on delicious waffles and no batter left… And enjoy! :)


I had mine without toppings as they’re moist and full of taste in themselves, but topping ideas could be peanut- or almond butter, jam, Nutella, Proteinella or syrup (regular or sugarfree depending on your goals)

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