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Places to visit: Lime Tree Café & Kitchen


This weekend my friend and I went for lunch at Lime Tree Café & Kitchen on Sheikh Zayed Road. I’d never been before and from the outside it doesn’t look like much, just another grey building on Sheikh Zayed… But when we went inside was delightfully surprised by everything from the atmosphere over the interior to the great food and reasonable prices (reasonable for Dubai at least…)

I was feeling hungry and since the place had emphasis on using organic fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy cooking without excess salt etc., I felt like it was a great time to pig out a little ;)

I had a low fat cappuccino for starters and contined with a veggie/avocado rice paper roll and a slice of their delicious bacon/feta quiche… Seriously, just writing this post right now makes me want to go back! I finished with a layered yoghurt/granola cup for “dessert”. It was so so yummy and afterwards I felt full but in a really good way, and I didn’t feel like eating again until late in the evening when I went out and had a light meal for my friends birtday dinner.

In addition to the kitchen and bakery, Lime Tree also had a small shop where they sell hand made specialities, both condiments, cakes and small goods. Perfect if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift or if you want to spoil yourself a little extra.

There are four different branches spread out through Dubai, and you can find the locations here.
The locations are JBR, Jumeirah 1, Al Quoz and Sheikh Zayed Road.


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