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4 Powerful Exercises for Abs & Upper Body | Workout Video


This workout targets your abs and core muscles, while also workout your back, chest and arms. It’s a highly affective circuit to throw in after your heavy upper body workout to burn your abs and arms, or, you can do it on it’s own like I did for a quick and poweful all around upper body sesh!

The Workout:

– 1 Hand Release Push Up + 4 Crossover Mountain Climbers x 5
– Walk Outs x 10
– DB Pullover Bosu Ball Crunch x 10
– Renegade Row x 20

If you do it as a finisher do 1-2 rounds, if you do it as a workout on it’s own do 4-5 rounds with 1 minute break between each round.


If you give it a try please post a comment and let me know how it went! I could feel muy abs the next day for suuuure!


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