Places to visit: Lime Tree Café & Kitchen

300 AED Challenge


If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories you already know about my 300 AED challenge that I’m doing this week!

The rules:

Spend less than 300 AED (500 DKK/82 USD) over the next 7 days!

I can’t “pre shop” before starting this challenge to fill of the fridge or cupboards. But honestly I am a food-hoarder and many basic items are already in the house and I’m allowed to eat or use anything I have in the house already. I’m allowed to go out with friends that offer to pay, but I’m not allowed to tell them about my challenge or to ask them to pay for me. I’m also not allowed to ask them to pay this time in return for me paying for them next time, as a way to get around the challenge.


Dates: tuesday 27th of February – monday 5th of March – both days included!

I’ve taken out 300 AED from the ATM and that’s all I’m allowed to spend this week.
(The only exeption to this strict budget is gas for my car, which I’m allowed to spend as much on as needed. The company I work for reimburse my gas expenses and it’s necessary for me to drive around to my clients every day, so it’s unfortunately not an expense I can cut out of my budget.)

Any other expense, necessary as unnecessary, is included in the budget of 300 AED.

During the week I’ll share my budget diet plan with you, give you tips on inexpensive beauty products that I personally use and when the week is over I’ll do a post going over the whole week and share my expenses and experiences of each day with you.

If you have any other questions about the challenge just let me know, or better yet, join me!
It’s more fun if you do it together! :)



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