Focus Points in 2018

Pool days and sunrays

Yesterday I went to the pool at my friends house and the temperature was just right. About 25 degrees and not too windy.

I feel it’s been a bit cold in Dubai for the past few months, so I haven’t had a chance to wear my swimsuit that I bought a few months ago – until now! And ooooh how I love it. It’s from my one of my favorite webshops and unfortunately it looks like it’s sold out… But I recommend you togo take a look anyway, they always have so many amazing swimsuits and bikinis.

Just wanted to add that I’m really happy about my body progress on the diet so far – didn’t do measurements this week, but has lost 8 cm. around my waist in the first 10 days. And only 3 around the booty, so we’re all good ;)





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